Mount — Micro Fleets Of Scooters

Enabling organizations with Airbnb properties and vacation rentals to have their own mini fleet of scooters.

Bram Berkowitz
Feb 9 · 3 min read

The Problem

Currently, 90% of revenue generated from a scooter trip goes to maintaining and keeping that scooter on the streets — warehouse rent, gig economy employees, charging, damage, and city approval. On top of that, those scooters that are designed for commuters are predominately used from Friday through Sunday by tourists.

What the company does

Mount supplies a package of scooters, insurance, and custom branding for organizations looking to add a fleet of scooters. It also provides an app to control the system. Leveraging its smart lock data analytics software, Mount enables companies to track mobility patterns, locate lost vehicles, and take a holistic approach to mobility asset management. Easily add a fleet of scooters to your Airbnbs, vacation rentals, hotels, or offices. A fully insured fleet of scooters can create a new revenue stream at zero risk and branded fleets can advertise your company across the city. Mount can get a micro mobility fleet operational in just a few weeks. By cutting out the back end costs, micro fleets become profitable within the first month of operation, do not require government approval, and can be launched within two weeks of order.


There are 2.9 million Airbnb locations in the U.S. A micro fleet makes $6,867 in yearly revenue. This initial market size is a $19 billion annual opportunity. When you look at the global market with over 7 million Airbnb locations, the market size opens up to a $144B yearly opportunity.

Business model

Mount sells its micro fleets as a service. The host pays $45 a month per scooter. Mount’s scooters are priced per hour, per day, and per week averaging a price of $12 a day for a rental or $56 a week. Mount takes 55% of the monthly revenue generated from a fleet, while the host gets 45%.


Mount launched three pilots in September to test the micro fleet model. They gained 50 unique riders in a month period. They’ve now acquired a partnership with HomeSlice property management to launch micro fleets at all of their properties. These will begin launching in February. In addition, they’ve started building out a wait list, as there is too much demand to meet at the moment. This wait list includes the Orion Haus who manages large Airbnb properties on the Southeast part of the U.S. In 2020, Mount became a finalist in the MassChallenge accelerator; won the Breakout Cleantech Startup in Colorado; participated in the CEO Global pitch competition; and became a finalist and pitched at the ASUIO pitch competition.

Founding team background

Co-Founder and CEO Madison Rifkin started developing bike locks at the age of 12 and qualified for her first lock patent at 15. Co-Founders Matt Langham and Rishab Nayak serve as the lead electrical engineer and chief strategy officer, respectively. Previous to Mount, Langham managed Jump’s warehouse of 500+ bikes as an electrical engineer and head mechanic. He saw the lack of asset management and is now optimizing the electrical engineering of Mount’s product. Nayak leads the software development of Mount’s fleet management platform as he has had extensive experience in app development, working as a developer for organizations such as Boston Hacks and BU Spark. Mount’s other employees hail from Jump’s engineering team and Lime. The company’s board of advisors is made up of industry experts from Lime, Lyft, Uber, and Jump including the former CEO of Zagster.

What They Need Help With

Mount is looking for introductions to property managers, Airbnb hosts, and house hackers. Connect With The Mount Team.

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