QuicWit — A Never-Ending Trivia Gaming Experience And Digital Marketing Platform

The platform asks users multiple trivia questions randomly on a daily basis and the first person or people to answer wins a valuable prize mailed directly to their home.

Bram Berkowitz
Sep 17 · 3 min read

The Problem

People are spending more and more time on their phones every year. At the same time, 63 percent of marketers say lead generation is one of their company’s biggest marketing challenges and the industry is still looking for ways to bring product placement to mobile more effectively. Another issue has been rewarding users with prizes without any special catches, while providing a unique and memorable experience.

What The Company Does

QuicWit is a game that asks users multiple questions at random times on a daily basis and the first person or people to answer correctly wins a prize. The prizes are mailed directly to the winners, offering up immediate gratification without feeling mislead or baited. QuicWit also has a prize button directly in the app for every trivia question that users can view. This prize button opens up the url to the product page of the prize, thus generating traffic and educating the user base about what the product is.

Business Model

The company plans to build the core of its business around the B2B side through product campaigns. Companies can sponsor a prize by providing their url, campaign fee, and five products for a normal campaign. Companies can also sponsor trivia questions, select more active days to push their products, and select the most active time slots during a day for an additional fee. On the D2C side, QuicWit has two main streams of revenue. It will offer premium subscriptions that users can pay for to gain the ability to win higher-valued prizes, the ability to select their prize and the ability to get time boosters on questions. The company will also have ads in the QuicWit app.


QuicWit’s current market focus is driven by user engagement. The total available market in terms of people is 190 million — 58 percent of Americans play games on their smartphones. For the B2B side, product placement is a $10 plus billion industry. Digital media is the fastest growing segment, with 25 percent growth in 2017 alone, which is 10 percent higher than the runner up of print and radio in an industry typically dominated by television.


The app went live on Aug. 15 and had 200 users as of late August. The company is pushing hard on growth but not too hard to the point where it can’t afford server costs. QuicWit is part of the UPS Startup program, which saves a lot on shipping costs. The company has not yet reached out to companies about running product campaigns yet, as it would first like to cross the 1,000 user mark first and collect analytics. Lastly, QuicWit just won the Founders Live pitch event hosted at the CIC on Milk Street, which came with a $20,000 prize in Google Cloud Platform credits and $5,000 in AWS credits.

Founding Team

Stephon McCoy has worked as a senior product manager at Sense, a product manager at Pingup and served as a director at the digital marketing agency Verndale. Zachary Gay, an engineer at the company, has worked as an iOS lead software engineer at Wayfair and a software engineer at the custom app agency GMS. Amit Banne, anther engineer at QuicWit, has a Master’s in Computer Science from Northeastern University and has worked as a software engineer at Chewy and a software engineer at Pingup. Zachary Tetu, who is doing UX/UI work, worked as a senior UX employee at Verndale and a software engineer at GMS.

What They Need Help With

The company is looking to raise a $1 million seed round and is seeking introductions to consumer product companies, investors and media outlets. The funding will go toward increasing the team by three full-time workers and bringing on an intern or two. Contact stephon@quicwit.com or reach out to The Buzz Team for more information.

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The Buzz

The Buzz

Covering early-stage ventures in New England before they’re funded.

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