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How to get web traffic to your online store?

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It is always inspiring to start an online store on the web. You begin to dream about how your life can change with a successful business. How you can quit your 9to5 job and work for yourself. We hope that everyone can achieve some form of success on the web.

We have worked with a lot of Shopify websites and online stores in the past. Our task was to help bring them more customers. We had a lot of success with our clients in generating sales. We want to discuss some of the tactics that we used to help them reach their marketing goals. We hope that you can take this information and apply it to your online business to generate the right web traffic for your business.

Influencer Marketing

The goal is to get influencers to tell their audience about how great your product is, so that can lead to more product sales. The first thing that you want to check off your list is to make sure that you have a great product to sell. If your product has no added value to consumers or is junk, then no influencer is going to back your product.

You can find influencers on Twitter by using FollowerWonk. You can identify influencers by the number of followers they have on Twitter and industry. You can also find influencers on Instagram, Youtube, or bloggers. You should make a list of people that you want to outreach to by using these social networks to identify prospects. You can then contact them to see if they can review your product. You can also see if they have any advertising rates to feature your products.

Facebook Marketing

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Social media is the go-to strategy for a lot of E-commerce stores. Everyone starts off with Facebook. Facebook and E-commerce sales have become synonymous in the same sentence. There are many different advertising types that you can run on Facebook. For example, link click ads, video ads, boosted posts, and more. You can even set up your own Facebook store. You can list your product catalog on Facebook and advertise your inventory to your target demographic.

You need to spend a lot of money on Facebook to get some success. You will not be able to get people to buy from you the first time they see your display advertisement on their newsfeed. The power of Facebook marketing comes from their custom audiences. When people look at your ad on Facebook, they get added to the Facebook engagement audience.

You then want to remarket your product ads back to them to drive them to purchase. You want to change up your ad design, copy, and products to give your targeted audience something new to look at in their newsfeed. You do not want them to see the same ad on their newsfeed. The likelihood is that your targeted audience will mark these ads as something they do not want to see.

Friends and Family Network

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You can send out an email to all of your friends and family network announcing that the grand opening of your new online store. Your friends and family are your core supporters and should provide you with your first sale. You should also ask your network of friends to share your store URL to their friends to build up momentum for your store.

The friends and family group is an excellent way to market your new business only if you do not spam them. There is just so much that a person can love you but they also do not want to be sold to all of the time. No matter if you are a friend or relative. They do not want to be in an awkward position in buying a product that they may not need. Please, use your best judgment in how you use your closest network of friends to support you.

Pay Per Click Advertising

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The quickest and easiest way to get web traffic to your website is to pay for it! Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are examples of where you can buy ads to showcase your products. The most significant advantage of Pay Per Click Ads is that you can measure performance. You can set up a conversion pixel to see how much money you spend that leads to an actual sale.

There are a lot of e-commerce stores that use Pay Per Click advertising to drive web traffic to their stores. The key is that you want to use the inbound methodology with your paid traffic. When you pay for someone to come to your store, then you want them to get value immediately. Most website visitors will see your store for the first time and leave. Look into using lead magnets, and email popup forms to get their information. Once you have their email address, then you have reached some value for your paid web traffic. This process is much better than sending web traffic to your site and not getting anything in return. This advertising method burns your money away. Remember always to try to get something of value when you put your money into advertising.

Comparison shopping engines

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Get your shopping feed ready because you want to get your products on comparison shopping engines.

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Google Shopping
Bing Shopping

There are a lot of comparison shopping engines that are available to use. We wanted to mention these so you can evaluate them as part of your overall strategy. The first two comparison shopping engines that you want to look at is Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. There are so many comparison shopping engines out there for you to evaluate. Take a look at the niche, cost, quality, and audience size of the shopping engine before investing your money in advertising on their platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Google drives a lot of organic web traffic to your product pages. You want to make sure that your product descriptions are unique. Having unique product descriptions is very beneficial to SEO, especially if you are dropshipping your products. A lot of other online web stores add products from the manufacturer to their store using their images, and product copy. You also want to make sure that your meta descriptions are unique to improve the click-thru rates to your product page in the search results.

Join a Facebook Group

There are a lot of groups on Facebook that are focused on e-commerce. You can find groups whose topics are about Shopify, dropshipping, eBay, Amazon retailers and more. People are usually constructive and are willing to share their experience to help you succeed. Something is reassuring when you are in a group who are sharing the same struggles to overcome the odds of success.

The whole idea of joining a group is that you would be able to talk with other entrepreneurs. You can learn about some tactic, software, or hacking tip that you would not have ever thought of before to get more web traffic to your blog. These growth hacking tips could take years of trial and error. When you are in a group, there are chances that they have gone through the difficulties to succeed. These are the type of people who you want to connect with to help guide you towards success.

You need to check the content in the Facebook group before you join. Some groups spam a lot and provide no use for you at all. You want to do research and find a group where people offer value to others within a group. You can also look at the moderators of the group to see if they are ethical.


Driving web traffic to your online store and making money is the problem that a lot of people are having. You want to have a strategy, tactics, and resources aligned to help you make a sale. Use the inbound marketing methodolgy to have a process in place for generating revenue. Seek help from others to learn from their past experiences in selling products online. Use your money and resources to create results and not waste. Finally, try to make your online store unique and offer value to your customers.

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