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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing

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“Alexa, who is the Batman”- 5 years old!

What is it that technology cannot do in today’s advanced world”! The artificial intelligence has become a personal virtual assistant for many human beings and slowly spreading its outreach to masses.

It implies that digital marketing has been majorly affected by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into our lives. It will not be wrong to say that the Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the digital marketing industry to a great extent.

Let us understand the relationship in between the Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing:

Artificial Intelligence was considered a “thing of future” until a few years back only. The marketing professionals used to take little interest in incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their digital marketing campaigns. With the advent of time and the sudden increase in the outreach of AI, people have gained confidence in implying techniques of AI in their marketing strategies.

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The year 2018 has seen a more significant impact on Artificial Intelligence through the associative processes such as Machine learning, big data, and the Internet of Things. We consider that this phase only marks the beginning of a whole new era that lies ahead comprising the rising spread of implications of Artificial Intelligence.

Just as we have seen the market reach of smartphones growing in no time, Artificial Intelligence is considered the next big thing in line that will supposedly take digital marketing by storm.

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Now let us learn how Artificial Intelligence has succeeded in benefiting digital marketing.

More focused advertisements

With a very little guesswork remaining, AI can help in bringing on ads that will be more focused and having better market reach.

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You can understand the concept better like this- the machine learning analyses are predicting that expenditure that you will be spending on advertising in the coming time will be lesser. Artificial intelligence can provide the understanding of consumer behavior on a convoluted level.

The designing and tailoring of ads will be from their relevance to the target audience. It will help the marketers to save the cost of trying to make every customer understand the rationale behind their ads.

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Focused ads and specified customer outreach programs will be in the marketing curriculum which has already been in its primary stages.

Saving costs on promotions

As we discussed above that budget on advertising designing is going to decrease, there will be more significant business benefits when the budget cuts down shorter. The spending on the “promotion” will go down when the advertisements are more focused and customized as per the niche market segments.

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For example- the social media groups that have millions of followers such as health groups, beauty groups — now advertisements can easily be drafted for these customer bases without having to think about “finding customer from the abrupt.”

A smarter way of spending includes saving the costs and targeting the audiences commemorating the higher returns on Investments- ROI!

Smoother sessions

The amalgam of digital marketing and artificial intelligence has led to the simplification of search sessions. People find everything on the platter when artificial intelligence tracks the search engine queries very effectively and produces relevant results in no time.

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The search engines will monitor your searches, and according to the search results of the users, the search engine will show the related advertisement. Latent Semantic Indexing is used to generate the keywords that are semantic to the primary keyword that users are typing in. It helps in enhancing the search experience of the users and makes the session time useful and prolific.


Artificial intelligence is here to stay and make a lasting impact on everything around us including digital marketing. AI is meant to ease our tasks and increase our productivity to save time. The Chatbots are already in the market and help in resolving various recurring problems in day to day life.

Although if the words of some of the learned technologists such as Elon Musk are to take seriously that Artificial Intelligence may supersede the human race, yet we still cannot deny the altering lavishness that comes along with Artificial Intelligence. The enhanced user interfaces and increasing returns have turned more business owners towards adopting digital marketing tactics that are smarter than previous ones.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence seems to have awakened the unresolved matters of human lives, but its futuristic implications depend upon varying factors. Time will give the best answer to this, as of now Artificial Intelligence is a transition from scattered to a more focused world.

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