X Minus 3 Innovate for Mombasa Hackathon

So it is three days to the innovate for Mombasa Hackathon.

As usual there is that feeling of “The deep breath before the plunge” — we have 100 people already signed up and we have moved the event venue to Bliss Resort in Nyali… some of our participants said if they left late at night they would be comfortable in that area because of the numerous shopping malls and who are we not to take user feedback.

The feeling just got heightened when I realize 75% of our participants have never been to a hackathon before.


I am going through the feedback form on expectations and I know we and Swahili Box have a huge billing to live up to.

Some of the participants are passionate about problem solving
 I want to meet with amazing and inspiring innovators, individuals, and partners who want to contribute towards the development of not only Mombasa County, but rather Kenya and the world at large. Through interaction, i hope to share experiences and knowledge and broaden by knowledge base and networks.

Others are looking for Seed funding

I expect to win this competition so as to get funds to enable me push my innovation to the next level. I also expect support from the county government to tap on talented innovators by absorbing them in job available in the county. Able to pitch to investors, get access to seed fund and receive mentor-ship?

Everyone is really clear on what they want sample this

What I want
1. For this hackathon: Great Internet, great speeds, fairness in judging criteria & awarding, good event planning & programme flow, good food. 
2. For Mombasa County: Participation, attendance of key decision makers 
3. For myself: To network, grow as a system designer & team player & to win! To see people come up with solutions with intentions of making our County SMART.

X Minus 3

It is Mombasa but there is no “raha” in Hackathon planning… we are printing out tons of stuff, t-shirts, mentors guides, designathon templates, business model templates, judging sheets… talking to stakeholders…venue people… food people. There is emails flying between me and the Swahili Box team and my Web4All colleague Nelson.

Maybe when curtains come down on Sunday evening then we can have a bit of “Mombasa Raha”… well just for a little bit [sigh] before I have to start training the winners and 5 runner ups on UX and Human Centered Design, Business Modeling and validation; Innovation and Creativity… 
Then after that I can really look forward to Idd-ul-Fitr

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