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Originally, I opened up my laptop tonight expecting to write a little update about me, Mat, and my days at PubLoft. I realized that the only other person I can think of than myself who actively documents their life on Medium is Mat, my co-founder.

This is sort of a shame. Mat’s an okay guy, but he’s not the shameful part. It’s a shame that there’s people out there starting startups, living the stories that they’ll be telling other people someday, and not documenting it all.

They’ll be looking back and trying to recall the most important things they learned, funny experiences, horror stories, and everything in between. I think a lot gets lost when looking back in distant retrospect rather than recent experiences.

I barely remember what I had for lunch this afternoon.

5 to 10 years from now, I might not remember how scary it was to fire all of our clients at PubLoft during one of the most financially challenging times in the lifetime of our company. I might not remember what it was like to do my first cold call or send out my first email blast. This is why I document.

These are the people this publication is meant for; people who care about documenting.

Think of this publication as a place to not only document your life, but to also share your stories with others. It would be amazing to read Elon’s blog post while he was building Zip2 in 1995. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t exist.

Who knows? One of the writers on here might be a successful founder too. Having their story on this publication would be phenomenal.

I’d love to have total startup newbies come here, get a behind-the-scenes look on startups, and maybe learn a couple things. Hopefully this is useful and helps some people.

Here Are the Rules For the Publication:

  1. You need to be a founder to write a post.
  2. Document your life as a founder and/or share a lesson learned.
  3. Each post must include your story in word, video, or audio form. I.e. Blog, vlog, or podcast.
  4. Make it pretty and presentable.
  5. No blatant self-promoting.
  6. Don’t be a schmuck.

I don’t plan to be managing this very seriously. If anything, I’ll assign editors to run it. Ideally, this would grow organically and become something useful to people.

Liftoff in T minus 5 seconds. Houston, we have a publication.

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