Call for Startups: Disrupt the Future of Work!

We’re delighted to announce that IncuBus Ventures has teamed up with PwC to offer the Future of Work incubator programme!

Starting January 11th 2016, the IncuBus Future of Work incubator hosted by PwC is looking for disruptive startups, in 3 areas, that are looking to transform the workplace.

What we’re looking for:

  • Cyber Security
  • Smart Offices
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Are you working on a startup in this space? Then apply now!

The programme lasts 12 weeks and includes desk space at PwC’s London office. You’ll have access to 8 hours’ worth of mentoring sessions and skills based workshops, as well as office hours with PwC & IncuBus programme managers. This ensures you get a highly tailored programme offering the most value.

The programme fee is £3000 inc. VAT and you don’t give up any equity. PwC has a huge client base looking for new technologies that can help them continue to compete as markets change. Staying at the forefront of technological change is imperative and PwC recognise that. By offering expertise, resources and space to grow your business, they can offer their clients better solutions and our startups get access to market.

Applications are open until 3rd January. There will be three application phases with less programme slots available at each phase. Make sure you submit an application as soon as possible. You can still update it after your first submission.

Head over to F6S to apply to IncuBus Future of Work hosted by PwC