Excellent Customer Service Isn’t Just Found in Startups.

Many comparisons are made when talking about corporates and startups and, to be frank, they’re often not favourable to the corporates. Corporates are given credit for things like their pragmatism and brand power, whereas startups are spoken about their creativity and agility. Indeed, one area where startups often claim the crown is in customer service and how technology helps them serve their customers better.

Recently, Launch22 set about arranging partnerships with local businesses to offer benefits to Launch22 members. One such business is Fit4Less which — you’ve guessed it — is a gym. Fit4Less is part of the Énergie Group, which has over 100,000 members. Everyone knows sitting at a desk for long hours can be bad for your health and so this seemed like a perfect offer for our entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, shortly after agreeing the partnership, Fit4Less suffered lengthy negative press about an advertising campaign they were running, making it into the daily top ten most read articles on the BBC.

We raised this with our local Fit4Less manager who immediately escalated our concerns to the founder and CEO of Energie group, Jan Spattichia.

Jan made the time to speak personally to us about those “controversial” advertisements and dealt with our concerns extremely professionally and quickly, despite being the head of an enormous international business.

That’s what I call good customer service and it’s the personal touch that startups, especially tech startups, would do well to bear in mind as they grow.

Well done Fit4Less.

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