Want to own an awesome iOS app?

Ok, so here is the deal…

We built a really fun iOS app that lets anyone in the world pitch their startup by creating a 1 minute video in the app (App store link). We don’t have time anymore to go full throttle on Founderfox. We have 2 other apps we are really excited to build and that’s where our heads are at right now. We don’t want to see the app fizzle out and die from us abandoning it , it’s such a cool app with a great user base, and it really does help startup founders connect with users and VCs. (we have helped over 15 startups make intros to VCs)

Traction in 2 months

“We had an acquisition offer in our first 2 weeks”

We had an acquisition offer in our first 2 weeks building it, but we turned it down because it was more of an acqui-hire and that is something we would only do if the price was really right.

Currently we are being used in 98 countries worldwide, our biggest market is the US, second biggest is Asia(viewership), and we have seen over 400 video pitches come through the app. We have been featured in the Apple app store 2 times in 2 months. We have been featured on Product Hunt 2 times (recently showcasing a big update for FF). Founderfox was a finalist for Twitter’s Hatch 2015 event a few weeks ago, they flew us down to SF so we could pitch the app at Twitter’s HQ. (we didn’t win, congrats Bridgefy). We have a steadily growing international users base in the thousands, all organic no money has been spent in ads.

The first time we got featured (LEFT) the second time we got featured we tightened up our designs more and got a full hero feature (RIGHT)

What are you buying?

We are sitting on some really cool video technology similar to Vine (Acquired by Twitter — $30 million) and Instagram (Acquired by FB- $1 bill), people constantly email us asking how we built a such a smooth auto playing video feed, and if we can share our code (We are all about open source, but not happening sorry).

You will get the brand, all the designs, business cards, Conference banners, the domain, the website, all the emails of our users, the Twitter account (3,500 followers) and other social accounts.

Happy to help, after you buy it

We can change some designs or build a few new features to make the app what you want if you purchase it. We can explain all the tech, backend and features to on board you, and get you into the product. The biggest thing you’re getting is the video technology and the solid brand (design).

Here are some of our ideas that we wanted to do with the app:

  • Allow anyone to fund a startup in the app, 1 touch funding. This would be ground breaking and fucking awesome. (we have more descriptive details about this we can share).
  • Open it up from just pitching, add different startup #channels like #jobs, #growth #howtostart…etc everyone can share knowledge on startups by posting a quick video.
  • White label the app to VC firms..etc charge a monthly fee to white label the app, provide a branded experience to VC firms, offer them analytics..etc
  • Take our crazy video technology and build something completely different, imagine Founderfox if it was for dating, people selling stuff..etc.

If you’re interested in learning more email us hello@founderfox.io