What will data startups get out of Winton Labs?

Innovation consultant and tech investor LMarks and global investment management company, Winton have teamed up to create Winton Labs, an accelerator for data driven startups. Here are the three key ways in which Winton Labs is going to help data driven startups excel in the real world —

Seminars and mentoring

Within the program, startups will receive mentoring and training from industry experts and Winton executives. The guidance will be in the key areas of running a business including law, finance and marketing. In addition to this, the startups will have access to Winton’s community of experts in data, science, technology.

Therefore not only providing people the teams with knowledge they wouldn’t have otherwise had, but also helping them develop a network at an accelerated pace that will prove valuable beyond the program.

They understand the main problem for startups

Owen McCormack, Director, Winton Ventures expressed that “The challenge with having a great idea for many entrepreneurs is taking it from concept to product or from an initial product to a thriving and scalable business. Our accelerator programme aims to match these innovators with the industry players that have had years of experience and to connect these promising enterprises to the real marketplace.”

Winton a great fit for data driven startups

Through the scientific application of data, Winton has experienced great success as a global, investment business. As a result of that journey, they are very well equipped with the practical resources and expertise necessary to help smaller companies to thrive.

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Originally published at thestartupmag.com on February 19, 2016.