Can we talk about Slack a minute ?

Slack is one of the best platform for team communication and productivity.

When you are talking about productivity, I need to understand how you make me save time in an efficient way.
Slack wants to improve team’s communications and by this way it will improve our productivity.

If building a platform means, I need to continue to use the same 5 or 6 different tools but I’ll get notifications into the platform about modifications or creation, it doesn’t help me a lot (just a little thanks to the centralized effect). 
If you want only to help me chatting with my team, you do the job well but it’s not what I’m expecting.

I will tell you what I’m expecting from Slack product.
For me 2 important features are missing. A simple calendar (which can be linked with my google calendar or other) and a simple and intuitive task manager.

I would love also a note editor and the multi team management, but it’s already too much, I guess.

My simple questions are the following:
1) Why can’t I create an event simply into a calendar and mention a people from my Slack team? 
2) Why can’t I create a simple task and assign to one of my team with a due date (linked into calendar) ?
3) Why do I need to use Asana (freemium) or Wunderlist (command line) both external tools to create tasks? Is it productive?

For me and for lots of people working in any organizations I talked with, calendar and task manager are a part of communications and productivity.

There are 3 common co-working entities, team are sharing inside an organization as a part of their daily communication:
Files, Events (meeting & co), Tasks.

Each thing you share with your colleagues can belong to one of these 3 groups.

How does Slack want to improve communication and productivity when for 2 of 3 basic needs I mentioned above, I have to use other external tools?

Even for files, why do I need to create a note outside of Slack to upload it to Slack ? (I know we can create post but not on mobile and not as a entity more like a message).

I found another tool, Glip which is doing almost all of these things but too many bugs in the notifications and on the desktop app…

So I understand Slack wants to go easy and propose a platform allowing to integrate lots of other features but it has to be things not related to these 3 groups of co-working entities.

I hope they will roadmap them soon to become the perfect platform for team communications and productivity.

What do you think? Are you feeling like me?

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