Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #8

Rob Durst
Rob Durst
Aug 1 · 5 min read

Hey y’all! It’s about that time of the week again. Welcome to another issue of the Stellar Dev Digest, a weekly recap of all things related to the development of the Stellar Network.

What is Stellar? Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

A new logo? Ah yes, thanks for noticing. A recent reader of the newsletter suggested I attempt to incorporate the current Stellar logo in, so this is my first attempt (read I morphed these images together ten minutes ago and took a screenshot). Expect a second, cleaner iteration next week!

Stellar is Officially 5 Year Old! Happy Birthday!

The original blog post:

Featured Developer Posts and News from the Week

  • There was another protocol meeting this week — Notes
  • The Stellar Test Network was successfully reset yesterday — General Info
  • The Lumenaut inflation pool came out with an update regarding corrections to inflation calculation — Read Here
  • Ever wanted your own Stellar vanity address? Well, you are in luck! The Stellar vanity address generator released version 0.4.0 — Check it Out
  • Blue Orion is asking for Stellar workshop suggestions — Suggest Away!
  • StellarX published a roadmap update — Learn More
  • Stellar Torch keeps on moving — See the Map
  • Last week’s application of the week, go-stellar-ipfs, released an update allowing for use with custom networks — Check it Out

Application of the Week

Cgig is a multi-asset, non-custodial marketplace platform for Stellar that currently offers three marketplaces for services, jobs, and bounties. Without fees or middlemen, users keep 100% of their earnings. Our newest marketplace is a bounty marketplace that enables users to earn Stellar assets while helping Stellar projects to crowdsource tasks like social media marketing, brainstorming, testing, etc…

Interested in promoting your own project, or another exciting project in the ecosystem? If so, please make a submission here.

Stellar Protocol (CAPs) and Ecosystem (SEPs) Updates

The most notable update for this week on the CAP/SEP front is the expansion of CAP-0024. When Jed first published this CAP, the community in general was super excited, however there were still some details left to fill in. This expansion attempts to fill in some of those details. Read the fine print here.

Overall, four pull requests were merged in the last week.

Updates from Stellar Core

Super excited for these PR’s to land in upcoming version of Stellar-core; it is always cool to see things go from ideaCAPcodeuse.

Calls for Participation

js-stellar-sdk (JavaScript): Stellar’s main Stellar client library for Javascript

Kelp (Go): a free and open-source trading bot for the Stellar universal marketplace

Stellar Go Monorepo (Go): Stellar’s public monorepo of go code

Stellar Vanity Wallet Generator (Rust): generate Stellar vanity wallets

State of the Developer Ecosystem

  • Scala SDK: a few BREAKING changes along with support for the trade aggregations and path payments endpoint and some on-the-fly decoding of transaction info
  • JavaScript SDK: two new helpers, Utils.verifyChallengeTx and Utils.verifyTxSignedBy, presumably both which help with compliance of various SEP’s
  • Horizon:an experimental accounts for signer endpoint as well as a new join parameter to the operations and payments endpoints which will trigger the response to include a transaction field per operation

Upcoming Events and Days of Note


  • SDF Frontend Engineer (New York) Apply
  • SDF Platform Engineer (San Francisco) Apply
  • SDF Senior Core Engineer (San Francisco) Apply
  • SDF Senior Platform Engineer (San Francisco) Apply
  • SDF Senior Core Engineer (San Francisco) Apply

Not Yet Signed Up?

Did I Miss Something?

Disclaimer: this is entirely an endeavor of my own, in no way, shape or form endorsed by or a result of my employment with the Stellar Development Foundation.

The Stellar Dev Digest

A weekly newsletter for the Stellar Network developer Ecosystem.

Rob Durst

Written by

Rob Durst

Lumenaut. Mule. Software Engineer.

The Stellar Dev Digest

A weekly newsletter for the Stellar Network developer Ecosystem.

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