I’ve been in the gym for 8+ years… So why did I hire an online fitness coach?

The decisions that led to my transformation.


So this week I posted my first ever fitness #TransformationTuesday picture on social media. This isn’t something I typically post on my social, but a while back I promised that I would in order to hold myself accountable. I think there’s a pretty cool lesson with this, so I wanted to share it here too.

As many of you know, I’ve been on a new fitness journey for the last year — a fat loss phase to be specific. I started working with one of the best online trainers in the business, and now a good friend mine, Mike Vacanti. I owe this dude so much. From knowledge, to accountability, to just being an awesome dude and always being there for me throughout the journey. Seriously Mike, thank you.

I almost didn’t post this stuff, because although I’m damn proud of the results, deep down I felt they should be better. You see, this transformation was no walk in the park. In the past year I endured a back injury that plateaued my progress for an entire summer, and I found out that I had a hernia, not to mention everything else that life tried to throw at me in 2016.

Why did I hire a coach?

When I started working with Mike, a lot of people close to me didn’t understand. They couldn’t figure out why I would spend money each month for an online coach, when I had been in the gym for 8+ years, knew a great deal about fitness, and was surrounded by friends & family who were personal trainers. They didn’t understand that it was a knowledge play. I wanted better results, and I wanted to learn everything I could from this guy.

What changed?

So what changed and why have the results been so different? I know what you’re thinking, and no… it wasn’t tons of cardio or crazy workouts. Actually ZERO cardio and only 3–4x a week 45min workouts. Without a doubt, the biggest change was nutrition. I learned a TON throughout this process, and it really opened my eyes to what I was eating and in what quantities. I learned what a macro was, and what Intermittent Fasting was all about. I learned how to still eat the things I enjoyed, without going over on my calories for the day. I was able to get super clear on the fact that, as simple as it sounds, that fat loss is a simple science — burn more calories than you’re consuming.

So where is the lesson for you?

Moral of the story is this. If you REALLY want to improve some aspect of your life but don’t know how to do it, hire a coach. Can’t afford it? Find somewhere in your life where you can make some sacrifices or cut some spending — b/c for most of us there’s usually SOMETHING that we can go without. It comes down to priorities, and especially if it’s an area as important as your health, I promise you it’s worth it.


For those of you interested in the transformation, here are the details.

BEFORE — 225lbs., 37.25" waistline, ~15%BF
AFTER — 192lbs., 31.5" waistline, ~10%BF

Just because I want to be completely transparent with everyone — the “after” pic was taken after an #ARMAGGEDON workout, so take that for what it’s worth lol. 😃

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