Euro 2016: Group Stage Recap

The Round of 16 is around the corner so it’s now time to look forward to the always dramatic elimination phase, but before we do, let’s take a brief moment to recap some of best moments of the group stage play. Let’s start with Iceland and their awesome commentator.

Iceland Commentator Goes Nuts

If Iceland players celebrated like they won the World Cup after their draw against Portugal, then Iceland announcer celebrated as he found out he won the mega-millions jackpot while getting sodomized by a Swedish model in a dark basement in New York’s Lower East Side. It was reminiscent of the Spanish announcers reactions after Iniesta’s World Cup winning goal.

Ronaldo Saves Portugal, Again

Staying in the same group, we had one of the most entertaining games of the tournament so far. Portugal and Hungary 3–3 draw featured an amazing back-heel goal from Ronaldo, an entertaining anger explosion from Ronaldo and great negotiation skills by Ronaldo when he directed Hungary players to play the ball back in the last minutes of the game to help Portugal secure a third place spot.

Irish Fans Are The GOAT

Irish fans have been the best fan on and off the field. From displaying exemplary behavior pre and post-game to serenading a random french girl, the Irish have done it all. Oh and their team has played well too.

No Clear Favorites Yet.

Group Stage is over and no team was able to get the 9 possible points during group play. Spain looked great for the first two games but their defensive issues came to light when they lost to Croatia in their last game. France was saved twice by Payet and hasn’t had a all around great performance yet. Germany can’t score and Italy looked solid until they lost Ireland.

And considering that Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England will all have fight for a spot in the final, we might see a team like Belgium, Croatia, and even not-so-cinderella Wales make a deep run and end up in the Final. Be honest, who wouldn’t want a Wales England final?