School Daze: A Look at the Naughty Schoolgirl Fetish and Why We Love It

We’re prepping for The Stockroom’s “Back to School” sale next week, so in the spirit of Kinky Education, I took a trip down memory lane and visited one of my previous workplaces: the world-famous Dominion Dungeon. I got the chance to sit down again with one of my very favorite Mentors in the scene, Head Mistress and Owner Lady Hillary. As we discussed the allure of Schoolgirl Fetish with Mistress Victoria, Mistress Lex, Switch Wicked and Submissive Rosie, I found myself missing the good ol’ days of improvised role play and hoped a Naughty Schoolboy might suddenly walk in for a session.

Note: Naughty Student/Age Play should only be attempted by consenting adults of legal age.

This piece in NO way endorses underage interaction.

Hudsy Hawn: Lady Hillary, you’ve been in the business a long time, why do you think so many kinksters still like the naughty schoolgirl fetish so much?

Lady Hillary: I used to get boys in trouble when I was in Catholic school. I’m the girl who ran to the principal’s office and got them into trouble. So maybe it’s a revenge thing. Today, most of our clients who come in here, they’re an older generation. When they would see Catholic schoolgirls growing up, the skirts weren’t short yet. There’s a difference between a Catholic schoolgirl and a public schoolgirl, and there’s that little bit of untouchability with the Catholic schoolgirl. They’re not going to let you because they’re Catholic; they have their chastity ring and they’ve made all these pledges. When I was growing up, that was the thing. It was naughtier to have a Catholic schoolgirl than a public schoolgirl.

Hudsy: I was recently talking to a friend about it, and he was saying that it reminds him of when he was young and becoming a man.When we see someone pretending to be young, it kind of takes us back to our own youth.

Switch Wicked and Mistress Lex (Photo by Hudsy Hawn)

Mistress Victoria: Exactly. School fetish is appealing because a school teacher is that first authority figure in a young man’s life. It’s a turn on to be helpless in the presence of a strong woman and get thrown over her knee.

Mistress Lex: I love over-the-knee spankings. And clients like the bratty behavior, but they also want you to have a “give in” by the end. They want to have that experience where they get to take the naughty schoolgirl and then make her not naughty. But it’s specifically for them. They want to be the one to take you from a naughty schoolgirl to a well-behaved little slut for themselves.

Hudsy: Almost like breaking the wild horse or something.

Mistress Lex: Very much so.

Switch Wicked and Mistress Lex in the Dominion Classroom. Photo by Hudsy Hawn

Hudsy: Switch Wicked, you play both sides. When you’ve been the naughty schoolgirl, what’s been the repeat request?

Switch Wicked: Well, what usually happens is I’ve been caught doing something that I shouldn’t and I’ve been sent to the principal’s office. So, it’s the principal’s job to tell me what I did wrong and to punish me and make me promise that I’m going to do better. But the best times that I’ve had is when I do actually get to switch in the middle of the session. The principal will punish me, but then I somehow take over and take revenge and punish them back.

Hudsy: (laughs) That’s great, because you just don’t see that happen in real life. When I started at the Dominion, I was submissive and I had my naughty schoolgirl outfit. It was really nice when I graduated and became the mean Principal. It really helped me to understand how powerful I was. I had no idea how I came across until I got to be the Principal! Mistress Victoria, we’ve played Mean Teachers together and I’ve seen how much you enjoy it, too.

Mistress Victoria: Oh yes, I sure do! I get a kick out of the dynamic of classroom play. I enjoy being the loving authority figure. It plays right into my wheelhouse. I’ve even given homework to be completed until they come back to “class” again. Ironically, they didn’t put in enough effort and then required even more discipline! (laughs) Men enjoy the play of trying but failing, and then, getting punished by me.

Mistress Lex, Mistress Victoria, Submissive Rosie & Switch Wicked. Photo by Hudsy Hawn

Hudsy: How did a wonderful theme room like the Detention Room come to be?

Lady Hillary: That room was originally my accountant’s office, and that’s the way it came. It was just like a gift to me when we bought the building. The bookcases were already there and I saw a schoolroom the moment I saw it!

Hudsy: So the room just said “Make me into your classroom!”

Lady Hillary: (laughs) That’s what it said!

Hudsy: Rosie, you’re new to The Dominion. Have you been in the “classroom” a lot?

Submissive Rosie: Not a lot, no, but the schoolgirl fantasy can really be played anywhere. In my sessions, what the client wants is the classic fantasy. It’s all about their authority.It’s always been me and the Principal, the highest authority. I’m constantly getting into trouble, and they want to be the authority that really puts me in my place. Whether it be a late homework assignment, or getting bad grades, they want to be the one to punish me. It might be because that’s what they were used to from their time in school, or if it’s just something that they wanted to do, but it’s about their authority. I think that’s why they pick a Principal rather than a teacher. It’s more powerful- and OTK spanking is incredibly popular as a punishment.

Submissive Rosie takes her OTK spanking. Photo by Hudsy Hawn

Hudsy: One of the things I liked when I worked here is a couple of times I would do a double, where there would be the schoolteacher — usually me — and then one of my coworkers — who was usually the schoolgirl — and then the client would be the Principal in charge of both of us. By the end of the session, we were in charge of him! One of the really fun things about The Dominion is getting to do cameo’s with your co-workers. Do any of you have any stories of a time when you had fun with one of your co-workers on a school-type session?

Mistress Lex: I love doing doubles. And when you get to add the schoolgirl element to it, I think it’s more fun to play because in school, you have your friend who you know really well, and the teacher comes around and you’re still kind of giggling and getting in even more trouble, and it brings out more of what the fantasy is, so it’s really fun to play like that. Now it’s great because I get to be one of the teachers disciplining somebody that I know. So I know what they like and what’s really going to make them giggle or get them in trouble. It’s really fun to play with someone you already know. It just adds a whole other level.

Lady Hillary: I had a client who would visit once in awhile, and he would have multiple people in the room. I liked sessions that were really chaotic and out of control, so he’d be one of the students and we’d all be students. Those were so much fun back then, because everyone was just getting everyone in trouble.

Switch Wicked: I like the fun aspect of the schoolgirl thing, because it’s not as serious as the Master/slave thing. I think there’s more room for sassiness in it. I looove being a brat so much. I like sessions with multiple people a lot because you never know what’s going to happen.

Submissive Rosie: One of the sessions that I did — and I absolutely loved it — one of my co-workers was the Head Mistress. And she was spanking a client who was very naughty in class, who was always very naughty. I was brought in to be another student, another schoolgirl, and I was getting punished. But also kind of giggling at the client for getting in trouble. It’s amazing working with another co-worker and being part of that dynamic.

Submissive Rosie tries to polish an apple.

Switch Wicked: One of my favorite doubles that I did — usually when I do a double, I’m always the bad schoolgirl for some reason. (Which I’m fine with.) Then I’m usually paired with a schoolgirl who’s not usually bad but happened to get caught up in things, like I influenced her or something. So I get to play the bad schoolgirl opposite the good schoolgirl who’s going to immediately listen and follow the rules, and I’m the one who has to be focused on. So that’s usually a lot of fun. That’s usually the most popular double scenario that I have where I get to be the one who’s the most resistant to the punishment and the process.

Hudsy: Are there any things you would tell a couple who’s interested in doing a Teacher/student scenario? For instance, a good way to get started if they’re feeling self-conscious about the roleplay part of it?

Lady Hillary: Get the outfit! Buy that naughty schoolgirl uniform. It’s the foundation of the scene.

Hudsy: (laughs) Exactly!

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Lady Hillary, Owner of The Dominion

Lady Hillary is the owner and Head Mistress of The Dominion, the longest continuously operating playspace in America. Established in 1980, The Dominion operates with “Old School” traditions and values, with client loyalty and regular visitors of over 37 years. The Dominion welcomes old and new friends, experienced players, novices and couples alike.

Mistress Victoria

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