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A list of our writing in other publications

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Throughout the years, we have written for other publications. Below is a list of those publications and the stories on their publications.

Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life

Managed and edited by Donald Robertson, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor.

The Stoic Dichotomy of Control

Based upon Epictetus’s Dichotomy of Control, this article discusses the basic understanding of the tenet.

The First Principles of Marcus Aurelius

This articles discusses how to break events into their most basic form to better understand them.

How to be Virtuous

Virtue living through the Stoics.

Accept Death as Ever Present

Accepting death is hard. Understanding that it is ever present provides us with a better understanding of the time we have on earth.

The Art of Being Indifferent

How do we handle things? What value-judgments do we apply to every day life? The Stoics teach us how to be indifferent.

Accepting One’s Fate

Who controls their fate? Is it determined by the actions we take or by an all seeing god?

How to Stay Present

How to focus on the here and now.

Stoicism and Facing Change

Life is a continuous series of changes. How can we accept this and embrace it?

7 Key Stoic Strategies to Win the Day

Seven Stoic exercises to immediately add into your daily routine.

You’re Alive, Now What?

A sample of our Monday Meditations. Deals with Stoic exercises to live more in the moment.

Don’t Let it Break You

A sample of our Monday Meditations. Deals with ways to overcome adversity.

Lessons in philosophy, self-development, leadership, and strategy. stoicwithin.com. Socials: @stoicwithin / @dadigerolamo

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