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Your Beginning Steps in Stoicism and this blog

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Below you will find a link to several articles/pages that will introduce you to Stoicism. These are very short introductions (less than 2,000 words) and are meant to give an overview of the philosophy, the Stoic philosophers, and the main texts that survive to this day.

Monday Meditations

Every Monday, we send a Stoic meditation directly to your inbox to help you learn the philosophy and apply it directly to your life. By signing up for Monday Meditations, you are also granted access to our private Facebook discussion group.

A Short Introduction to Stoicism

This is a short introduction into the philosophy, who the main philosophers are, and what writings they left behind.

The Stoic Philosophers

This piece features mini-bios of the big three Stoics as well as some of the other most known philosophers of the philosophy.

The Stoic Texts

A very short introduction into what the main Stoic texts that survive are.

Recommended Reading

A list of the ancient texts, biographies, and other works to help better understand the philosophy. While the list may not be complete (it is after all ever expanding), it features a lot of books, both known and unknown, to help get anyone started with learning the history and philosophy of Stoicism.

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