Drew Wagar — controversy and action!

Photograph reproduced with permission from Fantastic Books Publishing

As anyone who knows him will attest, all double-dealing, violence and fraud in the life of best-selling author Drew Wagar occurs strictly between the covers of his many novels. In real life he’s the epitome of the honest family man with never so much as a late library book against his name.

And yet, not only was he once accused of being a fraud and a conman, he came close to maiming members of his…




An international convention generates stories beyond its official programme. This collection gathers together the scheduled and unscheduled triumphs and disasters from Fantastic Books Publishing’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention, FantastiCon.

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Penny Grubb

Penny Grubb

An award-winning crime novelist & long-time amateur poultry keeper, who specialised in teaching methods, healthcare & software engineering as an academic.

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