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Letter sent on Mar 16

Ending The Stories

Hi everybody:

It’s been a lot of fun doing The Stories for the past few months, and I really appreciate the support of readers and particularly of you members. But I just don’t have the time to do it because of various jobs that have come up since I started the publication. I’m grateful for the work, but don’t want to shortchange any of you.

I wanted to start an online zine to publish folks on a very small scale, and that’s what I’ve gotten to do. It’s been great to share newer and emerging voices with you, and of course your financial support has been deeply appreciated — I got to pay people! But I have to focus on my main gigs now. I just handed in a screenplay rewrite, I’m working on digital consulting in the nonprofit space, I have a book to write, and also television exists and somebody has to help that happen, right? Plus I’m starting a column soon on a site that rhymes with SCHMONGREADS and is actually called Longreads.

Anyway. We’re all busy. You probably are, too. A personal life is a good thing to have, allegedly, so I’m working on having one for the first time in years.

With that in mind, I’m ending the membership program today. Whatever payment was already in process will still be made, but after that, nada. And I’m forever grateful for you helping me pay authors and engage in this little experiment. Thanks for supporting real stories, told well.

See you on Medium on my personal blarg-blurg-blog, and elsewhere! I’ve got a website that I update once in awhile, and also there’s Twitter. I’ll be on an episode of Bill Nye’s new show, Bill Nye Saves the World, dropping April 21 on your Netflix. Speaking of Bill, he believes in science and he does science and he just told our president about science, eloquently.

Seriously, thank you. I wish you the best. I hope you write your own stories, too. We need to hear them.

Best wishes,

Sara Benincasa

Los Angeles, CA

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