#VoicesOfIndia- Going unscripted with Bettina and Ninorah

Bettina and Ninorah, two beautiful and passionate NRI women, share their podcasting journey, the inspiration behind, and more.

Ninorah (L) and Bettina (R). Picture Courtesy: Winnow Network

Let’s begin with knowing your story. How did you two meet each other?

“I think it was our acts of kindness towards each other that made us good friends.”

So, how did podcasting happen?

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Picture Courtesy: NRI Woman Podcast

How’s the relationship between the two of you around podcasting?

“Whenever we have any issues, we will always remember that our friendship comes first and podcasting, second.”

Transitions can be tricky when co-hosting. How do you feel about that?

So, NRI Woman is all about beautiful stories. What are some of the stories that must be heard?

You see, women face a whole spectrum of issues, ranging from inequality to safety. What do you think are the most prominent issues women face on a broader level?

We love your idea of conversing with like-minded women across the world on one platform, but what is it that inspired you to begin something like this?

Ninorah and Bettina, in an interview to Gulf News

How do you find all these wonderful women and bring them onboard for the podcast?

What are your plans going ahead with the podcast?

Eat dimsums out of the money we make from the podcast and not from the money that we put into it.

While we are on monetization, what do you think about the subscription-based model for podcasts?

What’s your advice for someone starting an interview based podcast?

Go for it! Join in the madness of podcasting.

How would you see podcasting shaping up across the US, UAE, and India?

Is there something that you want to convey to our readers?

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You can connect with Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Fernandes-Brookshire on Medium, and follow their podcast handle on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



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