About Us

The team behind Lilu is a diverse bunch with various specialties. We have an internationally renowned software development company and a digital agency with global corporate clients to whom we cater social media solutions, web and mobile software, UI, UX and digital marketing solutions within the group of companies of the co-founders.

Nihat is an entrepreneur, risk taker with 15 years of experience in software creation, project and company management. Newbie in parenting.

Michael is a corporate guru with 23 years of experience in IT, compliance, network security and structuring. A veteran in parenting. Linkedin Profile
Hasan is all things software with 16 years of experience in coding, open source development, web and mobile back end development. Future parent to be.

Roxana is the decisive end on the looks and feel with over 14 years of experience in user interface, user experience, wireframe & mockup management and front end development. Newbie in parenting.
Astik is an industrial engineer with over 10 years of experience in designing industrial and commercial products and coordinating the manufacturing process. Future parent to be.

Meyzi is a project manager with over 12 years of experience in coordinating and managing large scale projects within the digital agency of the group and excels in crisis management. Future parent to be.
Ezgi is an editor and social media manager with 6 years of experience in preparing texts, translations and documentation for compliance. Future parent to be.

There are also several people, unnamed open source heroes, we collaborate on a daily basis who make the development of Lilu just a little easier every day.