Lilu Network, what is it?

Today’s technology can present some challenging questions for parents. How can we protect our kids from unsuitable content and media on the internet? How can we provide a balance of restriction and freedom that maintains safety?

The Lilu team are parents too. We have kids from toddlers to teenagers so have a real world understanding of the issues this presents. We have created a system where media and applications that you feel are not suitable for your kids are restricted.

Each child can have an individual user profile, so different ages can be catered for with the same hyper easy to use setup screens. This concept of freedom and safety is extended to the internet too.

Lilu can create your own wifi network just for your kids with the following features:

  • Name the wifi network for kids and give it a separate password
  • Block standard adult material from regularly updated online lists
  • Block any other website that you, the parent, feel should not be available.
  • Restrict access by protocol to social media and messaging apps
  • Remove all access for specified periods of time

If you’re worried that homework is being left behind for phone time simply create an ‘offline’ time each day for the internet, apps and media to have the peace of mind that this is one distraction you don’t have to fight everyday.

We understand that kids need their own space to explore and develop in an online world and Lilu gives you peace of mind knowing that they are exploring safely.