Alternate Living

It’s about Cheetos and a Happy Meal, a banquet of the Gods.

It’s fluffy like a puppy and fresh falling snow

as seen through a convenience store window.

It’s not about the suicide but the legacy.

It’s a ton of prescription drugs and their efficacy.

It’s the need to pump dirty sands through sacred lands.

It’s screw the people we have a business to run.

It’s overseas, we’re outta here.

It’s less than you can live on but we get a raise every year.

It’s about what you have been led to believe

and how easily you are deceived.

It’s the glint of hope encouraged by a lie

that ignores your suffering cry.

It’s the spirit that is parched

should life be an agonizing death march?

Where is the underdog to save the day?

Did he head for the coast?

Is that what I heard someone say?

In each of us it does reside

we need to find it and not hide.

It’s a storm that raged forever,

let’s weather it together.

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