Another sport is swallowed up in disgusting display of Narcissism and Lust for Fame

I am so ashamed of the histrionics by someone who showed us, loud and clear, what Narcissism is all about. Has this amazon tennis player EVER been told she is not a superhuman creature? Has she been the Goddess her father envisioned and lost her own integrity long ago?

Show business. It takes a very strong person to be in the limelight and not lose their soul.

I have admired Serena Williams’ industry and persistence — her idealism in reaching perfection and her unbridled lust to be“The Greatest”.

She will never become “The Greatest.” She is making me ashamed of being of her same sex, and of being a fellow sports lover. I shall not watch her matches ever again.

Tennis is an art form — physical art form with all the characteristics of art in its design and execution. The music of it, the dance of it, the elegant and quirky scoring of it, the traditional parameters of dress and courtesy and respect are all as robust and pure as a sport can be. It is not to anyone’s death.

Yes, money taints the industry. Yes, ambition spawns artificial means to super strength and energy. Yes, there are in-fights, surely, and hard feelings, surely, and flawed human relations.

But if one throws down the racket, it is a tantrum. If one rises up in fury and damns everything and everyone for the loss of a game — that is more than a tantrum. That is insanity at work. Tying a reaction to a whole seething social war going on — and stealing the goodness of a world-wide press to take revenge, to blame and to revile a person whose job is making decisions about points? This is opportunism, and the way it came off was as if it was the planned and rehearsed tantrum that was the intended process in case of losing.

Touching the winner. It was vicious and cruel.

I shall never read about this woman again. I shall never watch her match. And I shall wonder whether her adoring father had anything to do with her behavior as someone who is supposed to be an adult, and, my GOD!, a parent of a child! May that child find a person who is in touch with the existence of Others in the world.

Good bye, Serena. You are not wonderful. You are infamous.

SGHolland, embarrassed and ashamed for such behavior — sullying the character of one of my favorite sports.
copyrighted material Sept 11 2018