At the Cutting Edge of Reality: the Act of Creation

In Chiswick, London

I guess this is part 2 of the earlier post about the Self and the Image. Because I have been thinking about what makes this reality so mesmerising! I would say it is our desire for creation and connection (some call it love) that is the magic ingredient. While the Image is not real and is projected, our desire to ‘realise’ it sets off an act of creation. The very ‘act’ is where reality is at its cutting edge because the universe flows and spirals forth in constant creation and destruction. The ‘grace’ it offers us is the forgetting of the self-image when we are completely in the pure act of creation and loving. In that way it is not what you create or who you love that becomes important but honouring the process itself, is the highest submission to universal source (some call it God).

At this cutting edge and in the act, you are hardly aware of yourself or your projected image, you are in meditative bliss, and you might often notice that everything flows when you are in this spontaneous act, you notice the most remarkable beauty, you experience high levels of synchronicity like your favourite tune would play on the radio or a friend you had been thinking about would contact you or you would read a piece of literature that would be aligning with your own expression. These are not coincidences but flow from you honouring your desire without owning and attaching it to your image or identity of who you think you are (Some people call it getting out of your own way).

A state of joy then flows from these acts but as soon as we try to own it and define it and start adding it to our projected Image and start seeking validation for that Image, the beauty is caged and ultimately lost. Ironically we want to cage this beauty because that’s what drives us, we want to be constantly within that zone. But we can not really because its very fabric is shifting, whizzing and whirling. So while the act of creation produces an outcome or an output, the trick is not to get caught up or become dependent on the validation of that outcome and output defining who you are. That’s when you give your power away to outside forces and therefore become dependent on their energy and not yours. Because you are much bigger and crazier and amazing than that outcome itself or that outside screen itself, you need to keep to your own centre while engaging with the outside world. So this is not much of a grand conclusion, its quite simple like most things in life that the only thing really left for us, no matter what we end up doing here on this earth plane, since we don’t know how long we got here, is to enjoy the process and savour each moment to the full without trying to own it. Its not easy but its a worthwhile choice.