Attack by Judith Wray

  • …things are inching along….twice the wall got spayed..graffitti..first time silver..just a bit! The next day we cleaned it up and turned the flash of bright spray paint into what looks like a small explosion in a window..I still have to go back and quietly sit and make a face in the window reaching out a hand in fear and surprise..that’s ahead! The second time, a few days ago. A pic up truck of young guys went by. One yelled out something or other in Spanish and that night …attack!! But again, just a bit! a… hello there! This time ORANGE and only 2 storyboards got it. The next day, again, we fixed it, better than ever! Today I tried to see if I could add the whole story..all the went pretty Cowbird!!! I finally listened to a woman recount experiences on Cowbird..[Remembering[..for 20 years I have wanted to do what she did using Cowbird. I love the combination of audio, visual and verbal. Cowbird is GREAT!! Ah! this morning I took the lona Kiki gave me of the Angel over to the hills at the edge of Tepoztllan, where I have a friend who is a one woman dynamo….language school..outdoor classes under tarpaulin..for years, nothing at all to swipe..never locked..walk on in. She doesn’t have much in the way of we were painting hubcaps..when I started this project uphill / Mi cabeza esta llena de colores, I left all the kids hanging wondering what happened to me. This morning I went back with the Angel..there is a tienda near..very near..where a little old man now works selling sundries..Don Juan..he worked for the school as gardener for years. His legs are giving him trouble so now he just minds the tienda. The wall of his tienda is perfect for the Angel. It faces a small church under construction!!! The church under construction has just put up a cinder block wall..wider than the one we just did for Mi cabeza esta llena de colores..The Angel on one side and the story on the other. Now I have a place to put the kids to work right next to the school!!!! …and my 15 yr old Mexican assistent who never picked up a paint brush in her life before 3 months ago, now has the confidence to work with the students. She told me she wanted to be a teacher..and so she will be!
  • Gracias a ti Kiki Mundo

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