Jeff Bailey © 2017

Taught to me by my mother when I was a young, the 23 Psalm was my nightly bedtime prayer. Although my father taught Sunday school it was my mother who had an insight into spirituality. She was a great example of the spirit inherent.

As a child, I prayed as a child and attacks of unknown horrors were held at bay each night upon uttering those sacred words, I fear no evil. Why did I need nightly reassurance? Where were those green pastures? The wanting was great as I stood at the cliffs edge baying into the void.

My praying provided some emotional comfort in an environment that provided none. What special elixir did I drink that enabled me to continue praying when my environment continually provided feedback that my prayers were not being answered? A significant drawback to self hypnosis is being unaware of its success.

Prayer is a helpful tool and a dangerous wand. Did I accept the dichotomy in my experience — I shall not want — all is wanting - without a second glance? Having done this to myself had I not disabled the ability to recognize that same swish of the wand done by another? I could now be told or fall prey to a suggestion and although my external experience juxtaposed my internal feelings, I would effortlessly ignore to the degree of disbelieving what I saw in favor of what I had been told.

I suspect many believers are unwitting subjects to a plethora of wand swishing rather than prayer fulfillment. What is the difference between believing in something not evidenced in the world and psychosis? I have seen good people of faith and no-faith and they share a few qualities in common: Each in their own way have a solidity of character and a presence visible in their eye’s. They treat others with respect. They seem at peace with who they are and that peacefulness allows others to feel acceptance, rather than, judgement.

The experience of being spiritual is innate. Rules, laws and tenets that guide are questimates made from the observation of others who seem to act with extraordinary regard for others while maintaining their own sense of balance. The prayer in life consist of our thoughts and feelings. Become familiar with the mantra you repeat within your mind and your heart and ask yourself, is this mantra producing joy or pain? Your prayers are being fulfilled, do you like it or not?

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