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Batter Up! Bottom of the Second

“The Pen is Mightier than the Bat”, or “A Hat Thief vs. the All-Time Hits Leader — Who’s First in the Hall of Fame?”

This is me around the age I was at the beginning of this story
Field level view at Forbes Field — on the Pirates’ side (First Base Line)
Field view from the Visitor’s Dugout side
This kind of says it all — how I felt in that moment
Not the same hat, this would’ve been a Reds’ home cap — mine was gray instead of white, but otherwise, much like this one
Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
In this shot, you see the Cathedral of Learning looming over the Left Field Bleachers
Rose when he played for the Phillies in the late 70’s and early 80's
Pete and Pete — me sitting down for a chat with the all-time hits leader, Pete Rose
“I, um — stole your hat!”
“You still have it?”



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Hawkeye Pete Egan B.

Hawkeye Pete Egan B.


Connecting the dots. Storytelling helps me to make sense of this world, and of my life. I love writing and reading. Writing is like breathing, for me.