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Batter Up — Top of the Seventh

Running for President

I ran as George (Washington), flanked by Teddy and Tom — that’s Tom Davis, giving us instructions for the race
And, they’re off — as you can see, I am clearly in the lead on the left, as George. I was just getting my momentum going in this shot. Yes, that is snow on the ground — it was Presidents Day!
Getting ready for another heat.
Getting ready to don the big presidential head
Unlike some people I know, I accepted my defeat with grace, and continued to enjoy hanging out with my presidential buddies when I went to games.
Being interviewed by Comast Sports Network
“I will be back!”



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Hawkeye Pete Egan B.

Connecting the dots. Storytelling helps me to make sense of this world, and of my life. I love writing and reading. Writing is like breathing, for me.