“Be Realistic” by Soulez

Two words often shared by parents, teachers, friends, anyone who feels they have a right to advise one on their life’s dreams and desires. Two words that can alter what could have been. Two words that will forever limit the sky above another’s head and shatter dreams, causing one to doubt their own passions.

Why cannot THEY be more cautious with the limitations they place on others? Why can’t they just be quiet? — -it will have a better impact on the lives of others. Too often true potentials are never seen, young people are shuffled into already existing pigeon holes for a future others have chosen for them.

The above picture is an early painting “Muse” by Joshua Suda, who was told he was not being realistic when he announced he wanted to be a gallery artist. Fortunately he did his own thing.

Originally published at cowbird.com.