Jeff Bailey © 2017

We are bombarded by images all day long, and these pictures deliver messages. Much of the information we received invades our psyche without permission and significantly contributes to our stimulated sensory overload. We can see some of the immediate effects now, but what are the long-term accumulative effects on the individual and the consequences to the unsuspecting populace?

What effect does a constant barrage of intentional visual stimulus and resulting chaotic noise have on our psyches? Can we reject the noise both visual and auditory and quiet our mind? Wouldn’t shutting down our receptivity be a way to preserve our sanity? Is there a natural fail-safe?
If an entire society responds to over-stimulus by blocking it out intentionally or by default, what are they not perceiving and is that information valuable? Has our nation’s propaganda/commercialization machine evolved into a Breaching experiment? What can we do to restore our ability to filter and see the world with new eyes? What concerns me is our inability to guess how a system might evolve when conditions placed on that system are unique and exceed our current experiential threshold, in this case, we are talking about a planetary change and the ability to adapt.

As a species, we are playing with fire. How will rapid change effect us? For many, confusion, disoriented and fear will result. How do people act under those pressures now? Will our government, or the corporation help in time of dire need? Admitting responsibility and stepping up is out of the question; how does that dynamic duo respond now?

It seems to me that some adults with considerable money and political clout must think our planet and goings on to be much like the video game Civilization or is it The Waking Dead.