Dancing the Divine Path, the Corn People by Connie Livingston-Dunn

  • The uni-verse is a divine collaborative, participatory, evolving and cooperative force/path and we humans are not necessarily being very cooperative in our collaboration with divining our future path, which is not carved in stone as we have choices. Passivity is not participation, it is not acting when action is called for. Aggression is not participation, it is reacting from ego without attunement. Yin Yang is receptivity and creativity in participation, being open to the next step/action in our evolution of being/doing in resonance with Uni-Verse. It is receptive doing and creative being.
  • My intuition and heart stands under (understands) and knows/sees that this is a cooperation between all beings but a divine plan finds my logic saying that this has been used as a cause and justification for our worst atrocities, genocides like the Jews being tortured and gassed, sexism like women being raped, murdered and burned at the stake for being uppity, racial, for a twisted plan that is based on fear of women/Jews/gays/other races, anyone perceived and judged as different from ourselves and that justified their power being suppressed and taken away from them by a few powerful people in control and that is not part of the divine plan except that we can say that everything is part of the divine plan no matter what happens. So therefore there is no divine plan, instead it is a moving changing force/resonance of collaboration and cooperation and we are out of step.
  • Researchers and scientists have just proven that interaction between us and our environment affects our DNA and Greg Braden talks about how the vibrations of love changes our DNA in a more wholesome manner than the vibrations of fear. So we are not really aligned with Divinity when we are in fear and doing violent acts. The Great Spirit is neutral in that we have free will of sorts. Both logic and intuition must be acted upon and come from love, not fear to bring the polarities in resonance as a compliment to each other. Violence was not chosen by us, the majority, but was brought about by a minority who have made it the norm, that we have accepted and adhered to out of fear and then we follow the norm and are afraid to rebel, rebelling being the uppity woman or person of color who is then perceived/judged as dangerous. Women are called sluts, whores, prostitutes, bitches, if we speak our power. Speaking our power through love is part of the evolution and maybe backlash is too, as a natural fear reaction to change, but I always see Supreme Being as a loving supra consciousness who is nurturing if we are willing to accept it and when we are not we are rebelling against Divine Participation.
  • The Mayans believe we are the third human prototype. They say that first race of people were created from mud and destroyed because they were too wishy washy (and probably got washed away in the flood). The next race was made from wood but they were too stiff and rigid and maybe not so bright (and were probably destroyed by fire), so the third race was formed from corn and that is our human race in this day and age.
  • We could say that the divine plan includes destroying us through the bastardization of corn by Monsanto, so now we will be Monsanto corn people full of pesticides, chemicals and faulty, manipulated unnatural DNA that we are ingesting that is reforming and distorting our bodies. So even though I see with my heart and soul that there is a divine participatory and cooperative path, I believe we have wandered off the path and may be participating in the destruction of the corn people. It’s our choice. Let us all choose wisely.
  • I took the photo in Mexico at Teotihuacan in the residential complex of Tetitla. The mural is “Mother Creatrix Hands” and She creates the world.

Originally published at cowbird.com and adapted for Medium.