Elder magic

I can feel myself opening like a door, for the wind to pass through.
© KV — Elder Magic #1

That is how I wrote it in Sapling #8, and I feel it is turning into the tagline of my life at present.
It means I am becoming an apprentice to Soul, to Life, and to the forces that want to manifest themselves and would like to make use of me as a gateway.

It shouldn’t surprise me that the means through which this all works is mainly my writing and my photographs. And it doesn’t surprise me. Only the results sometime do.

My little urban photography experiment is one example, and it was an interesting encounter with the forces of creativity if I let my guard down enough for something else to take over. But the best result so far came just before.

Earlier this week I was spending time with my best friend Maja Jantar, a talented painter, voice artist, director and performer. I usually take my camera with me when I visit her. Her garden is a photographic delight, allowing for endless possibilities.

© KV

Our afternoons together will be filled with tea, tarot and deep conversation. But there was something special in the air that day. Or perhaps my ‘door’ is simply ever opening a little further.

I made some pretty mediocre pictures and tried a self-portrait that worked quite well, provided I looked through the viewer, which unfortunately also hid my face — so much for a portrait. (The ‘blind’ shots taken with my face visible and the camera on my lap or next to my face were failures. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…)

But there were two total surprises on my camera, shots I hadn’t intended or things I hadn’t seen while making the photograph.

The first was the purple raindrop-mirror effect in the elder photograph above. There was no pearl of water there, nor can I detect one, neither in the background nor the foreground, in any of the other photographs I took of the same branch.

The other one was this startling, eery portrait below, absolutely beyond anything I had expected or intended. Also notice that central in the shot is once again the very same elder branch.

I guess I will be allowing the wind to pass through a little more every day.
It sure feels like I’m on for an intruiging, exhilarating, ride.

© KV — Elder Magic #2
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