Photo by Jeff Bailey

This morning I forced myself to read the obituaries for Cowbird.com, they were honest and full of gratitude. Now It is mid-afternoon, cloudy, and the sun makes an occasional appearance as I sit in my usual spot at end of our dinning room table. I am thinking back upon the feeling that arose when first reading those rumblings of coming change in Cowbird and for me, I equate farewells with sudden, unexpected and permanent departures.

I have benefited greatly from the support and encouragement of the Cowbird community but I retreated upon hearing the news of its end. That end became more evident when jean claude invited me to join the Friends of Cowbird on Medium. I have to admit, I’ve grown attached to Cowbird and I will miss it.

The following statement isn’t true but I felt it: All of my friends on Cowbird will suddenly, unexpectedly and permanently vanish. The reason for my irrational response is that I was absent from my parents bedside when they died. That feels like a bombshell but it is just the truth. The time spent on Cowbird has help me understand how I relate to the world.