From the shore

Sapling #9

Dedicated to Jules (Jurgen’s son) for his 12th birthday

You are holding the rudder and you are looking straight ahead.

The wind is in your sail. You have learned to heed it and now you have a sense of where this new companion might allow you to go.

By now, you also know how to turn the boat when things get nasty. And sometimes getting wet is part and parcel of the deal. Life will hand you precious little presents, that much I have learned. But one who knows whence the wind is blowing, is never powerless.

Learn to trust it, child.

I am watching from the shore, sheltered by greens and the giggling of beavers, who don’t deign to appear, but as usual their craft speaks for itself.

Some trees are allowed to grow tall and wave on the winds. Others snap. That’s how it is.
But even broken wood can serve a purpose still: mast — handhold — diverter of currents.

I will always be there, in your head and your heart, sporting my broken oars, my bruised dreams.

Go, son.
With the wind in your sails — straight ahead.

With a silent wave I see you off.
Even from the shore I am in the boat with you — always.

The SAPLING series is a joint project with artist and illustrator Jurgen Walschot.
Saplings are creative sprouts. I will write to the images, he will draw to the words.