From Times Ancient ~ Dynasties ~ History

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Under the stars I heard the coyote call returning
to me in haunted memories I’ve gone to the place where
the wild horse hooves fall. In peaceful plains and
hidden sparkling valleys

Oral stories passed on from the times ancient
over many seasons of flowers and snow, stories
of rivers and lakes where sacred sun glints, and
of righteous pathways that once were followed

In peaceful plains and hidden sparkling valleys
I’ve gone to the place where the wild horse hooves fall
Returning to me in haunted memories, where under the
stars I heard the coyote call. bjf ©

Imperial China Ming Dynasty ~ In the time of Great Prosperity there was growth and Perpetual Happiness, of course, with all the spiritual forces aligned, under the emperor’s superiority. Thirteen Tombs were built, the Wall of Greatness and that ethereal city that is Forbidden, all of these things, along with both dark and light (yin/yang) it would bring, in the powerful dynasty of Ming, under the emperor’s superiority, when spiritual forces were aligned, there was Perpetual Happiness and growth in that time of Great Prosperity ~ bjf ©

~ Cambodia’s got Angkorwat ~ Let me tell you what Cambodia has, let me tell you what she’s got, world reknowned temple complex — -A n g k o r w a t. Towers, lotus-shaped of the empire Khmer but by the 19th century the city vanished completely disappeared and the temple complex has been taken over by jungles, monsoon-fed where climbing vines, strangler ficus and banyans have claimed it as their garden bed. Growing in and out of those sandstone ruins the vegetation swallows them down and in plant-life they drown, but you can still hear the sound of the Buddhist monks chants and see the sun reflect off their bright saffron robes in an earth sky of green — — little orange stars glow. ~ bonnie j. flach ©

~ Power of the Faithful ~ Never underestimate the power of the Faithful. For 24 months, yes, two whole years only a thousand ordinary citizens held off 15,000 trained Roman soldiers at Masada citadel ~ bjf ©

~ “Inca”ntations ~ Cuzco was the capital of the Inca nation war played only a small part, in their decimation for typhus, influenza, smallpox, measles and diphtheria the diseases of white man dealt a much higher hand. Many were forced to work in mines of silver and gold where their beautiful culture was sold. The great Inca empire faded away, but remnants like splendid Machu Picchu still exist today. ~ bonnie j. flach ©

~ Circle of Stones ~ (Britain) — Different communities over a long period of time erected Stonehenge a structure quite sublime and an achievement which is still a mystery because they had left no histories — bjf ©

~ Perfect Garden — Eden ~ River Euphrates, River Tigris just take a moment to imagine this for it’s where life began that “eve” near “a dam” to hold the water for irrigating that “perfect garden” land so “fertile” and grand just a “crescent” wedged between the desert sand ~ bjf ©

~ The Mongol Khans ~ (Mongolia) — Demons from Hell on horses backs they ruled the steppe killing all in their path. Ferocious warriors skilled at their trade flying off in wild tirades. So fearsome that most simply surrendered when they heard the thundering horses hooves. From northern China to the Caspian Sea their empire would extend then Khubla, Genghis’s grandson would conquer all of China from end to end — bjf ©

~ Ivan needed anger Management ~ (Russia) — That terrible Ivan Russia’s first czar weather induced depression had he for his mood, like the sky was often gloomy. He always prowled around the Winter palace where he scowled & growled. Well, you know sometimes one can be unhappy when one’s possessions are in excess for the diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies’ will not give you love and affection, but leave your heart filled with emptiness. Maybe at one time somewhere deep in his heart there were some of God’s graces secretly he might have wanted to change places with a peasant who had a happy family life and not the worries of an empire filled with war and strife ~ by bonnie jean flach ~copyrighted — all rights reserved

ians & ites ~ ~ The world has been ruled by ians and ites, some of them good, some not quite. Egypt-ians and Babylon-ians, Sem-ites and Hitt-ites, Sumer-ians and Assyr-ians. I just don’t know where to begin with those ians and ites for some were peaceful and some liked to fight. Who was the best? I do not know, I guess it depends on what you seek, I just couldn’t tell you, because for me it’s all Greek (or is that Grec-ian?) ~ bjf © ~ p.s. they say it was a coin toss btwn the Pers-ians & Greeks, as to, which was the most civilized.

~ Asp me ‘bout Cleopatra ~ humor

baby diamondback rattlesnake (road kill) — bjf © no asps here


well, she liked men

with Italian accents you know

She was evil to her servants

because she said “ROW, ROW, ROW or to the crocs you’ll go!”

but Karma’s a bitch,

“W h a t !” you gasp.

Hey, she did her own self in with a basket of asps — bjf ©