Gaining Back Lost Time

Another Evening in the middle of the Atlantic

As we cross the Atlantic Ocean, we’ll cross five time zones. So, three nights ago, we began moving our clocks ahead one hour each night. I thought we would do that for five straight nights, until we had gotten to the time zone we’ll be in when we reach the Azores, and our first port stop, Ponta Delgado. I’ve gotten into the habit of moving my watch and Iphone clock ahead each evening, right after dinner. It makes it feel more like I just have shorter evenings, as opposed to “losing an hour of sleep” each night.

This has been working for me. There was only one problem with my strategy. The clocks did not get set ahead last night. The ship’s clocks did not, that is. Since I thought we were doing this every night for five nights, I set mine ahead last night, after dinner, like I did the previous two nights.

We’ve been sitting with a couple from Chicago at dinner each night, and when I talked about setting my clock ahead right after dinner last night, they assumed like I did that we were supposed to do that last night.

On the way up to Palo’s for brunch

So, this morning, when I woke up at what I thought was 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep, I went up topside to get a mug of coffee, then went up to the basketball court to get my daily dose of hoops in.

After about an hour of that, I found a comfortable lounger in the Cove section of the upper deck, where they have very comfortable loungers. I was planning to do some quiet time, some reading, writing, a little meditation.

Kevin, part of our couple dinner mates, wandered by, and joined me for about an hour, as we talked about all kinds of things.

When it got to be what I thought was 8:00-ish, I made my way to our cabin, where I got ready for the 8:30 Friends of Bill W. meeting in the Keys lounge. When I went down for the meeting, I was the only one there. I figured all the nights where we’d lost an hour had caught up to the other regulars, although it did feel kind of strange.

When I came back to the cabin, Kathy said, “Are you sure it’s 9:00?” I didn’t think I’d turned my clocks ahead twice, but I called down to the ship’s front desk, and asked what time it was. “8:00”, they told me.

Feeling good about gaining an unexpected hour back

Turns out, they didn’t turn the clocks ahead last night. Just me, and Kevin, did. It gets so confusing, out here on the high seas! When I went back down to the Keys at the real 8:30, everybody was there, plus one new attendee.

So, I actually felt like I gained an hour today! Tonight, we’ll turn the clocks ahead again. Everyone on the ship will, this time.

That’s the report from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, today. It was another fine day on the high seas, on this, my sixth time crossing this ocean (four in the Navy, second on a cruise ship). Great people, great food, lots and lots of relaxation. Tonight, one of my new friends is the headliner on the ship’s main show in the big theater.

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