~ Get Well Soon ~ Animals, insects & plant

~ honeybee insane diego, calif — bjf © ~

~ Get Well Soon #1 ~

“I’ve got the flu” said the gnu
“My throats sore” replied Baxter the boar
“I’ve an ache in my ear” responded Donna the deer
“We always sneeze, it’s a pollen allergy” buzzed the swarm of bees
“I’ve a terrible cough” commented Sammy the sloth
“My belly aches” stated Sherman the snake
“I have a runny snout” said Prudence the pig, who also has gout
“I’ve a fever” expressed Beauregard the beaver
“For me, it’s the chills” noted Peter the platypus duckbill
“Vertigo, for me, I get dizzy & swoon” pointed out Beatrice the baboon
My, oh my, I sure hope they 
Get Well
Soon! ~ bjf ©

~ Get Well Soon #2 ~

The moray said “I’m feeling eel” 
The starfish said “I’m dizzy & see stars” 
The seahorse said “My throats sore and my voice is hoarse” 
The beluga said “I’m looking pale” 
“My lunch I had to toss”, said albert the albatross 
Leopard shark said “I broke out in a rash, get a load of these spots” 
Narwahl said “I’ve got a headache, check out my head & this pointy knot” 
Chilean sea bass said “I have the chills” 
The salmon said, “I have a fever and my cheeks are red” 
The clam said, I’m feelin’ clammy and I better stay home in my seabed” 
The largest mammal said “I’m down and feelin’ blue” 
Dolphin said “I’ve heard of this before from the land creatures and I’m told, they call it the flu
Seaweed said “get plenty of rest and drink clear liquids & I’m sure this will help, I hope you feel better real soon and well remember you heard it from me it came straight from the kelp”! ~ bjf ©

closeup — same pic as above — bjf © Buzzzzzzz