moon rising or setting ,can’t remember

Was a backup singer in a Motown world

They gave her angel wings , a new religion

Set her up just right to join the rock n roll bands

Her body swayed , her voice hypnotized, she was

A singer for every blues , jazz , and rock n roll band

That was her only religion- music in the bayou and beyond

She gave it her all , everything, didn’t care about the money

She spent her roots and heritage , heroin helped her sleep

And cocaine jumped her up to let her voice boom

Now she was a frail old lady rocking on her back porch

Gloria had the best memories, she regretted nothing

She was a Queen in the rock n roll bands and now

She sang out , “ I’m ready , my Lord. “

Along with Cohen and Greg Allman ,whose next

She was ready to go Home now

The universe was calling , just a flash

In the timeline of infinity

She did her time , mere seconds

She closed her eyes and saw the gateway

She reached out her hands , they were waiting

And the doctors told her family that

Gloria was hallucinating— glorious hallucinations

What did they know , the lighting was perfect

And she was never late for a gig.

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