Sapling #21

Warm and deep, like old fires tended to by caring grandmothers, warming children’s fingers after the frost.
Sharp like flames burning through everything, yet never scorching.

With you, I don’t have to decide whether I am brave enough to show myself. There is no hiding from you.
My fears I do not have to explain to you. You can feel their shivers caressing your skin.
My demons I don’t have to describe to you. You can see them like they share the same room with us.
My doubts you have understood before I even felt they were there.

That upon which you cast your gaze will glow a deeper hue. Wordlessly, from within.
Look at me.

The SAPLING series is a joint project with artist and illustrator Jurgen Walschot.
Saplings are creative sprouts. I will write to the images, he will draw to the words.

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