Home Sweet Home

View of the canopy of trees in my back yard, from the jacuzzi

As much as I love traveling, and seeing members of my far-flung family, the best part of every trip is coming home. I love being back home. I relish the comforts of home, even more so as I grow older. It’s just so familiar. Everything is where I expect it to be, and I can do things without thinking, that I have to think about when I’m not at home.

We usually try to allow for a day or two following a vacation trip, before we have to return to work, to recover from the journey back, and to get back into the sense of being home. The journey is often a challenge.

Jens Meyer, c/o Unsplash.com

The last trip, the two week cruise, was especially difficult, flying 11 hours with a ton of luggage, a terrible cold, and my wife severely hobbled by a bad knee. That one took a couple weeks to recover from, mainly because of the cold. By the time I was feeling back to normal, we were already getting ready for this trip, to the South Carolina beach.

Coming home from this one went better than the last, and was actually better than the last couple of drives we’ve made from South Carolina. We took a different route away from the beach, which worked much better than our usual route, and I was just in a better headspace than I often am on these trips. When we hit a ton of traffic about 30 miles below Fredericksburg, instead of fighting that traffic all the way up to DC, we just jumped off the main road, and took much less-traficked back roads the rest of the way up.

Franscesco Gallorotti, Unsplash.com

It took a little longer, but was far less stressful. When we arrived home, I had enough energy left to completely unload the car, put everything away, and get a good night’s sleep. Today, I have plenty of energy to get things back in order, here, and to get ready for the week ahead.

I’ll be traveling again, later this week, for work, as I will be the following week, as well. This week it’s Minneapolis, next week it’s Dallas. But, when I’m not traveling, I’ll be right here, enjoying home.

Backyard Canopy

I love where I live — and consider myself damn lucky to have such a place. Things could have so easily worked out differently in my life. Each day, I give thanks for what I have in my life. Some days, I just say it out of habit, practice, and might not actually feel it. Other days, I feel it right down to my toes. Today is one of those days. I feel so lucky, and grateful.

Life is damn good. Now, let me go change the loads of laundry, then make a Costco run. We have a house to restock. It’s about as nice a mid-summer day as we could possibly ask for — low 80’s, low humidity, no rain. That’s about as good as it gets, in the middle of July in the DC area.