Hope’s Rose

Tiffany lamp bjf © flora design

At life’s blessed mountaintop

the wild heart dreams

Shine dear circling sun

your divine golden ring

Here sweet love groans

as our unfettered tears flow

Longing arms embrace

Hope’s magnificent rose ~ bjf ©


bjf ©

Years of unfulfilled yearnings plunged one into despair, transformed circumstances into ravings. Grief demanded desire subside. Mercy must vanquish greed and give must have precedence over take. Introspection replaced desire ~ bjf ©

~ Life Requires Motion ~

rod adcox ©

Peaks that have not been scaled

streams that have not been crossed

Sky always without clouds

all would be lost

for while it initially might seem like a heavenly dream, a place free of

strife, it would be ~ dead ~ for it would lack life. Just like swells of the

sea, L i f e (the beating heart) requires motion ~ bjf © ~

~ Our Worth ~

bjf ©


Time abandons us at death

and honors us at our birth

but neither people

nor time

give us our


that is measured only

by how much we


bjf ©

Now that’s a Treasure

bjf ©


I’ll celebrate superficial fortunes lost

by a good walk in the woods

now that’s a treasure

that will last forever — bjf ©

Faith, Hope & Love

bjf ©

Some day

our fortunes

may be all gone

and our material possessions

we may end up with none

even our homes may be

swallowed up by seas,

but what we have

I’ll name three


they come

from above what

we will always have

is Faith, Hope & Love ~ bjf ©

~ Before ~

bjf ©

Ah Mother Earth & her forests and fields, before man’s swords & shields. Yes, before Adam’s exile in shame and Eve the same. When there were valley’s of Love, before evil came. Ah Father Sky & his stars and sun, before man’s knives & guns. Yes, before Adam’s exile in shame and Eve the same. When there were rainbows of Love, before evil came ~ bjf ©

~ Hope ~

weird jet stream from space x at nightfall, san diego, calif — bjf ©


in lonely

Earth’s immense

dark grief, drowned in

sorrow, swallowed up by her

legacy of wars and poverty, I

gazed above as the fire-filled

stars captured night’s silent hours

and cradled it lovingly

in the distant


bjf ©

~ I must have Faith ~

bjf ©

I travel by ways of water leaving the sound crossing over the strait. In the late afternoon the boat heads west with the sun directly in my face, completely blinding my eyes. I can only look north, south or behind me to the east and so I can not see in the direction we are going. Therefore, I can not say “Hey Look Out!” should there be another boat, buoy or perhaps a surfacing whale too close. No, I must trust fully in my ~ captain ~ I must have faith ~ bjf ©

~ Would’ve, Could’ve & Should’ve & Sensitivity ~

bjf © he would have gone & should’ve gone, & could’ve had he bought a ticket!


I would’ve done that — if

I could’ve done that — but

I should’ve done it — regrets.

S t o p, Bonnie, geez, history,

past is past, now be a pioneer

& go forward!

Ban those three useless words.

Ah, I feel better


bjf ©

p.s. great advice from a counselor to stop would’ve, could’ve, should’ve oneself to death.

~ Sensitivity ~

bjf © bayou, the gator’s home

~ It’s not so much that


I’m a thick skin hater


just don’t want mine


so thick that


I’ve become


the alligator ~

~ bjf ©

p.s. I was once accused of having “thin-skin”, being too sensitive ~

~ The Hidden Other Side ~

mountain snow, seashore sand — bjf ©


There are two sides

as yin & yang, or

as head & tail of coin

Sometimes we only see

one side, because the other side

is hidden from view

as dark side of moon

If we listen to only

what we’ve been told

but do not seek the

other side on our own

then we only have one view

half & not whole

Who is worse off

the one who is unable to see

or the one who can, but

chooses not


bjf © ~ Rewrite

~ Waste not Time ~



he dwells,

tis far better

than hell, but

make no mistake,

hell on earth one can



I must be careful

what I say and walk

with gentle feet. I’ll make

my heaven here on earth, waste

not time, but give life worth ~ bjf ©

~ When Strikes the Lightning —

bjf ©


What secrets lie beneath stones

Where are the places where birds have flown

When will man’s killing cease

Why have we not found lasting peace

How do we cope when children die

…when we have to say the last goodbye

When strikes the lightning

Who’ll extinguish the flame

Earth belongs to no man

She’s only for God to claim

bjf © Rewrite

~ Will they then Give ~

bjf ©


Are your heartstrings

taught & firm

as strings on

a Spanish



worn & soft

as sail lines on

an old




are tugged


they then



bjf ©


There will be an answer

bjf ©











What is out of my control, best I forget and hang on to that which gives Joy!

bjf ©

~ Pave Your Way ~

bjf ©



  • Ride

on wind



earth’s clay



thru water



your way


~ bjf © ~

The Right Moment

bald eagle (overlay) bjf © mesa grande reservation, calif.


Everyone has it and it feels oh so good, like it did when we saw this bald eagle.

There are so few in Southern California, while there are many in the northwest

It was exhilarating!

I guess that’s how they feel when they take off in flight

bjf ©



and the other times when you feel down on your luck, like this fellow:

~ He wanted to go Back ~ (fiction)

bjf © taken at alcohol section in local super market

He wanted to go back and slip through some of his old blue haunts, if they still existed.

Yes, blameless this time around, of starting brawls and able to stay until the band left, instead of getting kicked out.

He wanted to nurse drinks, instead of passing out & to leave with a lady on his arm, instead of one smacking him in the face.

He wanted to start over & to not be what he had become. A second chance on the past and wondered if it would even make a difference, not for the present, but for the future that he feared.

He just wanted to go back.

bjf ©

~ Chisel Away ~

rod adcox ©

Day after day

wind and water

sculpts stone,

wind must blow

and water flow,

for stone

that is how it will be,

but for people

who have souls

it is not okay

their hearts

to chisel away ~ bjf ©

- Team -

Rod Adcox — fast pitch softball ~ Haleiwa, Oahu HI — 1975 — Skill Johnson ©

Ah the heart’s gentle,

but can be blind

Ah the mind can see reality

but some thoughts can be unkind

Which takes precedence

Which one is better.

It’s best for balance, that both work simultaneously together

~ bonnie j. flach ©

~ There must be thorns ~

bjf ©


thorns, one

would pick all

the alluring flowers

in greed, no there must

be thorns to save the

flowers for the

bees ~ bjf ©

~ Good Spirits ~

bjf ©

Storm clouds are forming
though I see them not, still
I feel their moisture upon my brow
Thunder is drumming
I hear it not, still
I feel the vibrations under my bare feet
Before sky breaks
Before deluge comes
I depart for I desire not
to be in the midst of storm, but
when petals of flowers unfold
when skies are clear
I will feel good spirits
once more
bjf ©

~ Try ~

bjf ©

Wings must open to fly

if you desire love

to receive and to give,

you must open your heart.

Oh sure, you could fail,

but you will never succeed,

unless you — — Try ~ bjf ©

Wallet rape — Time to make things right

can’t ever take away my joy — bjf ©

Here’s the thing ID thief, you desire to be me, well you better be “all” of me, therefore, you have to go thru my hell, how does that ring your bell

Oh sure, you’ll eventually get caught and serve time in the pen, but here’s a little list you need to go thru ’til then

be around (daily) too many folks that do not care, lose immediate family members to cancer, are you getting scared. Have a cheating spouse & you won’t get the picture until she moves into your house. Now how about the spouse who broke your ribs and throat he choked, believe me there are far worse things in this world than being broke.

Still my capacity for forgiveness* is huge and I don’t want a fight, there’s time to make good, there’s time to make things right. bjf ©

  • NOT an invitation to continue to steal

God that felt so Good

soaring peregrine falcon — bjf © at Torry Pines, CA — it must feel so great to soar

Raucous crowd and I stupidly sit

here still & silent

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Why have I lost exuberance?

Why can’t I just shout at the top of my lungs “Hooray”?

Ugh enough! Okay I’ll do it now:


oh that feels 100x better than hooray

no high blood pressure here, no need to pop a pill

God that felt so good! bjf ©

p.s. I recommend to go out to a remote area and do at least one hearty scream or one word shout, it’s an awesome feeling! Some primal therapy (but no physical violence)

~ Grass is Greener ~

bjf © he sure loves the real deal

Actually, yes, you are correct, the grass is greener on the other side

but are you willing to take, that which is fake?

It’s not for me, I’ll keep what is real

because frankly I don’t like, how astroturf feels

bjf ©

p.s. okay this is when one is or was dumped for the superficial “trophy” girl/guy in a relationship

: — )

~ To Understand Depression ~

bjf ©



Oceans with no tides

No stars in night sky

It’s not so much

as feeling lost

but worse

that one will “never”

be found


bjf ©