How to Submit Stories to The Story Hall

If you would like to be considered as a writer for The Story Hall, here’s what to do:

Send an email to:, or

requesting to be a writer on The Story Hall. Include a link to a draft story on Medium, or a story previously posted on Medium, and your profile name.

Once you have been added as a writer to the Story Hall, you will be notified. You can then submit a story for publication on the Story Hall by:

Drafting your story on Medium,

Clicking on the three dot (…) icon to the left of the bell icon that is to the left of your avatar icon on the top right of the page,

Click on “add to publication”,

Click on the circle above The Story Hall,

Click “Add Draft”.

Back at the top of the page, click on Ready to Submit,

Add up to 5 tags where indicated,

Click Submit to Publication.

It may take a little while, but rarely more than a day or two, for your story to be added to the Story Hall.

If there are any concerns or clarifications needed before posting your story to The Story Hall, you will be promptly notified.

The Story Hall

A gathering place for stories to be told, read and appreciated.

Hawkeye Pete Egan B.

Written by

Connecting the dots. Storytelling helps me to make sense of this world, and of my life. I love writing and reading. Writing is like breathing, for me.

The Story Hall

A gathering place for stories to be told, read and appreciated.

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