Jeff Bailey © 2017

Our furnace was serviced in the fall by a guy who came highly recommended. He seemed thorough enough, and because he lined the furnace, I didn’t think twice about the high price. One month later the furnace quit and the heating season had begun. I called around and found another guy to take a look.

He came and descended, but It wasn’t long before he emerged from the cellar and asked if I was sure the furnace was serviced in October. Because the repair would require a new ignitor, the furnace guy thought it prudent I take a look at the problem. I understood his doubting the furnace service because he needed to replace the igniter.

The problem was due to the electrodes being in contact with the igniter, and that corrosive effect was inhibiting the spark. I am not a furnace guy, but I can tell you it didn’t look right. He didn’t come out and say that positioning was intentional. However, he emphasized it wasn’t something that happens over time, and it’s not something overlooked.

I can understand making a mistake having made a few myself but purposely creating a problem in an attempt to spur additional business, now that takes a special kind of scumbag.

The furnace acted up a few months later, and I fixed it myself.