Last Night


Lifeless on the deck , its broken neck

Brilliant yellow eyes , pupils fixed and dilated

( I am too familiar with death )

Beauty staring up into the sky unseeing.

I bent down to look for life , and held this baby owl

Weightless , I smoothed the spotted head feathers

Admired its little yellow talons and tiny barred tail.

Futility , the inevitable defeat cradled in my cupped hands

I could feel the strength in the round belly , well fed fledgling.

Grieving for the Mama Owl somewhere out there

( was she watching from nearby )

As I gazed to see perfection, stealth flyer of the night sky.

Finally, I walked into the woods , found a crevice

In the well of a tree , placed the baby bird there

Then covered the opening with a big rock , in surrender

I stood and looked at its tombstone -silent, silent stone.

Photo , hm

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