Let it Shine

Installed by me last fall, where an out of control Rugosa Rosa once stood.

Relax, this is not the canned beginning of a pseudo feel good about yourself story. Neither is it a tirade on social inequality or the presidency. I am thankful for-no-not one of those FB post either. My concerns are immediate, it’s Mother’s Day, and it rained!

Okay, I’ll be honest and admit I am complaining. I had planned a walk on the beach, and yes, the rain might be a romantic but an offshore breeze on an overcast day and knowing my wife, we will not be going there today.

Let’s go back in time fourteen hours. I snuck out the kitchen door, and into the barn there I had set aside a small pile of scrap wood and matches. Having crumpled up the local Gazette and stacked the wood into our not-so-Dutch oven, I grabbed the matches, and then it hit me — on the back; it began to rain, and it rained throughout the night and continued thru the morning. Plan A wasn’t working out too well.

I did not lose heart, plan B, went into action with a YouTube video on poached eggs without hollandaise sauce I made Larissa Breakfast. Two poached eggs with a spritz of lemon on toast delivered upstairs. Plan B did not take into account her slumber, so I covered the plate and left it on the nightstand.

Oy Vey, climate change.

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