Lost — but Maybe Found?

Is what I think I lost, really lost, or is something else about to be found?

Hawkeye Pete Egan B.
Nov 9 · 4 min read
More pictures of Chatham— glad I downloaded them from my phone before this…

Awakening to a Truth

I keep waking up earlier than I’d planned, lately, but make a conscious decision to get up, and stay up, instead of the roll-over and hope that I fall back out. It’s like I sense there’s something that I need to pay attention to, something I need to be awake to become consciously aware of, and don’t want to sleep through it.

The Missing Phone

I had it with me as I was leaving the office, I got to my car in the parking lot, I must have set it on the roof while I put my backpack in the car, took off my suit jacket and hung it in the back, got in, started the car, realized I didn’t have my phone, looked all over for it while pulling out onto Independence Avenue, checked with my work phone, tried calling it, and my car’s hands-free picked up the call, tried texting to it, and my apple watch picked up the text, so I figured it’s in here somewhere.

The lovely grounds at Chatham

Too Much, Too Many

Oh, brother, another lost phone — another product of me trying to do too much, too many different things, all at once, something was bound to get lost, and it did — a month ago, it was my kindle, and now, my phone. I go through phones and kindles like water, sometimes. I just replaced my last phone with this one, two months ago, when my last one died a death of some chronic issue that particular phone model was having — now, I’ve probably lost my new one.


I was going to drive back up to work yesterday (at least an hour’s drive, each way), after the heating guy came and went (I was going home early to be there for the 1:00-to-6:00 window of when he was coming), to retrieve it from my office, where I thought I left it. Kathy convinced me to just wait until this morning, we could swing by on our way to the airport, when it’s just a few minutes out of our way, instead of hours.

A Needed Vacation

I think I really need this vacation! This is crazy. Perhaps, I won’t even go to the phone store for a replacement until we get back. Maybe I need a vacation from all of that — maybe I don’t need to be connected to all of that. Maybe, I just need to relax, read a few books (real books), that I just happen to have a few of that I’ve recently picked up, not on my kindle (which I was using on my phone since I lost my actual kindle) — either way, it’ll all be okay, it’ll be just fine.

A Church Spire, peaking up through the trees from across the river, viewing Fredericksburg from Chatham

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Hawkeye Pete Egan B.

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The Story Hall

A gathering place for stories to be told, read and appreciated.

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