Love to Get Them Shaking Their Heads by Soulez

As I was in the driveway talking with a friend who was about to leave after a brief visit, my son pulled in after working out at the gym. Soon thereafter, my daughter arrived home from work. Since they had not seen my friend for a while and had attended school with her son, we spent a bit catching up on life’s activities and milestones — college, work, marriage and children of their own. I was leaning against my old beloved car, as a wasp buzzed toward me. The car had sat there for three years, as I have trouble letting go at times. Over time it has become home to mice and insects as often sitting cars do. Thinking he was coming to my rescue, my son swatted at it as my daughter cautioned “watch out Mom!” I quietly said leave it be, at the same time moving to the side so that the wasp could get to it’s nest located inside the crack between the car’s fender and the door. I had seen it (or another member of the nest-you know wasps, they all look alike) a couple of weeks earlier making it’s way there, and realized that I was the intruder, not the wasp. Sure enough, once it was able, it quietly entered the space that led to it’s nest. My kids just looked at me in wonderment and shook their heads. I am sure this story will be shared along with others that get their heads shaking at me. And I will quietly take pride in knowing I made my point.

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