May Day!

Today is the midway point between the vernal (spring) equinox and summer solstice, also known as May Day, or Beltane.

Beltane is the ancient celebration of the fertility of the earth, and we might also celebrate the fertility of our own souls. It is a call to gratitude that everything in the universe is continually being re-created, including ourselves.

It can be a time to tune in to the gratitude for the increase in the light that brings forth life from our souls and from the earth.

(Taken from Joan Borysenko’s Pocketful of Miracles)

Coming out the other end of my strange journey through surgery and recovery from the same, preparing to return to the office for the first time tomorrow, I feel a lot of gratitude springing up, just to be able to get back to my normal life, after such an abnormal week.

I have this week and next, and then I’m off for the following two weeks, from the 13th to the 27th, on a two-week cruise. I have a lot to do over these next two weeks, and then I’m off to other parts of the world.

Vero Beach scene, 2015, photo by me

We’ll fly down to Florida, where we’ll meet our ship, and home, for the next two weeks. We’ll set sail across the great Atlantic Ocean, which we’ll take six days to cross, before achieving our first port stop in Punta Delgada, in the Azores, off the coast of Portugal. I think we’re doing a jeep adventure tour there.

Next stop will be Portland, England, where a driver will meet us at the port and take us up to Stonehenge, another place that’s like it only not as well-known, a couple other stops, then back to the ship. In Dover, I believe we’re doing one of the ship’s excursions up to London and back. I haven’t been there since 1975, in the middle of my Navy career, when we did a North Sea cruise.

Amsterdam, 2010

We’ll also hit Amsterdam, then finish up with two days in Copenhagen, each of which we spent a day in back in 2010, on our Baltic Sea cruise.

Copenhagen, 2010

I’m ready for this month, and grateful for the life that affords me all of these opportunities for adventure and travel.

Today, I am most grateful just to be able to step back into my day to day life here, after the better part of ten days on a different kind of adventure, recovering from my procedure. I had my followup checkup at the V.A. this morning, and they said everything looks really good in there, and I am healing up, nicely. The migraines and mild waves of vertigo still come and go, but now are only about a 3 or 4 on the scale, compared to 8 or 9 a week ago, and last for only minutes, as opposed to hours.

The ringing in my ear is still quite loud, but it sounds like healing, to me. Hopefully, once it’s all healed up, it will subside, some.

All in all — life is good, this Beltane/May Day. I wish a wonderful, fruitful May to you all!

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