~ Moonlight ~

~ Moon River ~ bjf ©

Moonrise Over Mendocino ~ Over Mendocino moon she rose, not a silver one, as in the east, but a western moon, with a champagne glow. Yes, as though she held on to the last colors of dusk, she appeared peacefully retired, a child’s, 4th of July sparkler’s remnant fire. Her soft beams shine on clusters of needles in her forests of cedar, cypress & fir, so magnificent the sight, one’s heart did stir, for over Mendocino moon she rose, not a silver one, as in the east, but a western moon, with a champagne glow ~ bjf ©

Give to me oh moon ~ something sacred, so that without sorrow I may face the future: Unharmed forests ~ Clean Rivers ~ Land free of wires ~ Water spilled from clouds ~ Gentle to soil soft winds ~ So that without sorrow I may face the future. Give to me oh moon something sacred ~ bjf ©

Embark on a spaceflight towards bright moonlight. Follow sparkling sunrays across planetary byways. Remain in wunderlust of the beautiful stardust. Slumber & slip into night’s celestial dreams then wake up to a new day’s sunbeams ~ bjf ©

~ Full Moon ~ Beach chairs on desert snow we gazed up at the moon — — a white paper plate upon a black tablecloth in a picnic table sky bjf © ~ Note: non-fiction — a winter’s night in Las Cruces, New Mexico, my dad & I outside of a travel trailer

~ Cloudy Moon ~ On this calm night cloudy moon sleeps above Peaceful Valley, wolf cubs quietly play in wooded hills nearby. Owl, she desires cloud to move and for moon to be bright as she prepares for the hunt and before she takes flight. Silence surrounds the vale. Owl, herself does not cry. Tranquility lives within the dale where tiny cottages lie ~bjf ©

~ Half Moon Goddess ~ (Greek) Last night half illuminated Selene peeked out from behind the black velvet drapes reclined above the oaks wrapped in her dressing gown of mist. Her bare leg my present & my past her dark stockinged leg my future. This half-moon goddess comforts me and brings me peace ~bjf ©

Sailing dreams ~ Penelope sweet, ‘Neath shining stars, Jason’s fleet. Sailing dreams, Odysseus’s pride, Calypso’s grasp, Changing tides. Sailing dreams, “Selene’s” bright face, dear Helen’s Troy, Rhea’s grace. Sailing dreams , Penelope sweet, ‘Neath shining stars, Jason’s fleet — bjf ©

Upon quiet Plains ~ Prairie moon in her fullest phase, sends forth beams upon quiet plains. Bison eyes are transfixed by her rays, nothing stirs, grasshopper does not play, nor swan beats his wings, then in the prevailing wind, the tall grass bend as if they pray, to prairie moon upon quiet plains ~ bjf ©

~ Campout ~ Moon shines thru my bedroom window like a flashlight & I feel as though on an indoor campout! ~ bjf ©

~ Moon does not discriminate ~ Moon does not discriminate, she shines over all — the poor gypsy camp, as well as, on the King’s castle ~ bjf ©

~ Spirit Moon ~ Spirit moon fell over hickory wild, heart’s rustic refuge of her native child, where soulful chants are heard of Chief Bear Paw , that lingers in the icy wind so raw. Spirit moon fell over woodlands deep, heart’s rustic refuge where native child sleeps, while lingers in the icy wind so raw are soulful chants of mighty Chief Bear Paw — bjf ©

~ Leave Secrets Behind ~ Long after evenings grow quiet during moonlit night’s long hours some of Life’s secrets are revealed by whispering breeze in our dreams which lifts Life’s mysterious veil at the tips of owl’s massive wings. It’s wise to leave secrets behind as you rise by daylight’s sunbeams ~ bjf ©